Saturday, February 2, 2008


I think I have always been a dreamer. I grew up in a world of make believe and happy endings. The hardships of my life did not overpower my happiness. It only made me stronger as I grew older. Life's lessons are sometimes necessary to help us to grow in ways we would not have done if we were pampered.

So how does the dreamer keep reality from that which isn't? I don't think you do. I believe that once a dreamer establishes that she or he has a dream it cannot be thwarted in any way. To stand for what you believe, to dream for a better tomorrow - that is all part of life.

Some one told me this morning that I was born lucky because throughout life I had always held leadership positions. I guess the willingness to grow with one's dreams can create solid indivduals. It helps a person to know what she or he wants and to fight for that goal.

So why is it that many Belizean women sit back and let time rule their lives? Simple question, difficult to answer. Fo centuries the Belizean woman was told that she was nothing. She was the servant of the Belizean man. Times have changes, ladies, and if you want self respect and the respect of the masses (others) you have got to take control of your lives and stop being a slave to a person who has no respect for you. Look around you. There are many good men out there who are loving, kind, understanding and fun to be with. You share a life with someone like this and you do things for and with them because it feels right. Because it makes you whole. And, every now and then that man will do something really different that will make you realize that you have chosen the right man to be in your life.

So my Belize Beauty, dream of a better life. Dream of success in the Belizean surroundings. Dream of Love. Dream of Happiness. Promise yourself that you will have control of your life. Promise yourself to LOVE YOU MORE. For it is not until you have learnt to love yourself that you can love others and find peace in your surroundings.


Yours sincerely,

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