Sunday, February 3, 2008



Sometimes we are faced with the reality that we are feeling something for someone that we take for love. We want to talk about that person and we want to know all about him or her all the time. We focus on the things they do and there is no end to wanting to know all about them. However, if the person is not returning your attention then you are stalking that person and you are obsessed. Obsession is dangerous because it can make a person do things that would be termed “crazy” by normal standards.

So how do we control this feeling that has possessed us where this person is concern? We have got to face reality soon or later and sooner is better because we are hurting ourselves and those around us. For don’t for one minute think that those around you are not aware that you are pursuing something that is not yours to follow. You are not aware of your actions but to those around you they are obvious.

You have got to get you sanity fast. Stop acting like an idiot. Grow up. If that person was interested in you they would have been running after you. You may be making that person uneasy. You may be making that person avoid you and those you hang around with.

What is even worst is if that person has a family of their own. Why would you want to get in between that? If there is children or a child involved, keep the hell away. If the person has a significant other, likewise, stop focusing your attention on the person. Maybe YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER is looking on and wondering what the hell is wrong with you or how the hell to tell you to stop acting like a fool.

If there is a big age gap between you and your obsession, all the more reason for you to get a life. Grow up. Stop acting like the fool you are appearing to be. Stop thinking the rest of the world is stupid that they can’t read between the lines. You are sending messages that you are not focusing on because you are distracted by your obsession.

So how do you recover from this state of being? Keep away from you obsession. Stop talking and praising that person, try not to dedicate time and space to her or him because those around you must been planning how to get you off that foolish DIET you have gotten yourself on. The OBSESSION DIET!!

Yes, you know who you are and you know who I am talking about. Stop it now before you destroy what you have for something you can’t.

If you are weak, I suggest you try mediation. Go for a massage and temazcal, visit friends and family. Whatever you do. Get it right before you end up losing.

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