Friday, February 8, 2008


It is the dawn of a new day in Belize and the dawn of new day in all our lives. As we look over the pass few months we are hit with the realization that life is a wonder. It is just great to be alive and to be able to enjoy all that life brings our way. If we are able to get up each day and see the light and work towards making our lives better for ourselves, then and only then can we say we are truly fortunate human beings.

Belizeans across the country can today be proud of having accomplished another milestone in their lives. They went to the polls and they voiced their opinion. They made this democratic process work. Of this we have a lot to be proud Belizeans. There is no doubt in my mind that we have come to that point in time for which we were destined. We have achieved our just objectives and we are prepared to go the full mile in order to maintain our ideals and ideas. Hats off to the Belizean people. Hats off to the blue, white and red.


A cry in the night,
To a dawn that came with new light,
Can surely mean we have grown,
To protect this place we call home.

Like a mother will protect her young,
So do Belizean protect their city and town,
For there is no place like this on earth,
This place we call home, this land of our birth.

For what we truly must believe,
Is that which we give, we will receive,
And come with will and come what may,
It is the dawn of a bright, new Belizean day.

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