Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today is Valentine’s Day. It is the day we set aside for love and friendship. It is the day we spend far more money than most others year round. It has become a business and economically good for many businesses. But what is this day all about. What is LOVE and how do we get it. Do we buy it? Do we find it? Do we know how to share it? Today maybe we should take time out to analyze our feelings and our lives. We should start somewhere. Why not here? Now! We Must begin to understand ourselves if we are to understand others. A friend has taught me that one of the greatest things in life is to BE LOVE AND TO GIVE LOVE WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING IN RETURN FROM THE PERSON WE GIVE IT TO. “Whatever you give will be returned to you. It flows. Maybe not from those you give to but it does come back in some form or fashion”. Those are his words. They are his belief and I have grown to see them as true. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart, Abel. Your patience, kindness, support and love are helping me to grow. I am dedicating this page today to you and to the teachings I am now coming to understand. The path is long but it leads home, profe.

Love is a state, a process.
The highest state of love, is NOT in the way of an affectionate relationship, whether with parents, children or partner.
It is simply a state that belongs to your Being.
In the same way that the trees are green, those who feel love, love.
The trees are not green for some specific persons;
They do not become green when you arrive in their view.
The flower continues spreading its fragrance whether someone comes up to it, or not, whether someone appreciated it or not.
The flower does not begin to release its fragrance when it realizes that someone is approaching, whether that person is a poet or a carpenter.
No. The flower continues to release its fragrance always, because this is its state of life, its existence.

Love is a state. A process of continuous evolution.
It is a state that we should all know and enjoy every day.
Love can not depend on an emotional connection with someone.
Love can not be known through someone, much less to someone.
Love is your existence. It's your life and your death, your joy and sadness.
It's your loneliness or company. The greatest love is the one that someone has for self.
Because then you can give love, respect and growth for all no matter which level of relationship others have with us,
We love as we live, and we give as if it were the last thing we do.
Love does not lead roles, or contracts, or promises, not even sex.
Love only brings purity of being someone, of existing. Be love all the time, not just sometimes, not just for convenience, elections, nor for money. Nothing that relates to the material is like love.

You are love. You can not give what you do not have
So, if you are not love, how can you know and say you love?
Much less how can you know love? Love is a state, NOT a relationship with anyone.
Love is the only miracle. Love is the stairway to heaven from hell. Having learned to love, you have learned everything. If you have not learned to love, you have wasted your whole life.
This love is waiting within you. It is not in a hurry: it can wait and you can die.
Birth is not in your hands. You were born and no one had asked you. You were not requested permission; you were not even asked where you wanted to be born and what you wanted to be. We have found yourself here in the midst of life. You could not choose… birth nor death. One day, suddenly, death will come without even warning you. And death does not wait not even an instant. One is born, dies… birth and death are not in your hands you can not do anything about it. Between your birth and your death there is only one thing you can do: love and be loved.

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