Wednesday, February 6, 2008


DREAMS AND REALITIES. Where do they begin and where do they end? Most of us have many dreams when we are children. We dream of all the things we want to be when we grow up. We dream of all the things we will do and all the adventures we will have in our minds and hearts. Ah, youth how wonderful you were.

Then suddenly we are teenagers and we don’t seem to have all those dreams anymore. What happened? What changed? How did we lose that great enthusiasm we once had? Where did we go astray? Suddenly we are busy having fun and doing crazy things. We stay out late, get drunk, skip classes and don’t do our assignments. When we think about it again the thought returns. Ah, youth, how wonderful you were.

All too soon we are graduating high school and entering university or getting jobs. Then it hits us. Bam! We are thrown in the wind and realize that life is hard. Nothing is fair and we have to work to survive. Darn, youth, how wonderful you were.

I guess the realization of life is simple and the sooner we teach the younger generation to appreciate it, the better we will all be. First, we get to have a happy carefree existence as children. Next we are asked to make choices and to focus on school. Then we are told it is time to get a job. Part time at first because we are studying but afterwards we are told to get serious and get a decent paying job. Darn, youth, how wonderful you were.

Responsibilities then begin to grow and the next thing you know we are getting our own houses and getting married. Whether it was shot gun type or just the normal wedding, we know that there is a lot in store for us with this new life. Reality strikes. We are faced with knowledge and truth. Shucks, youth how wonderful you were.

The reality we have to face as we grow up is as old as the earth. There is nothing we can do but accept it. That is the truth that comes with the knowledge that we have grown, that things change and that life is HARD. However, we must not despair. We will not be the first to go through life with this realization and we sure as rain won’t be the last.

Be sure to have close contact with family and friends. That is the secret. They will be your rock, your strength and your support. That is how you can have a happy life. That is how DREAMS become REALITIES.

Just remember you must dream a lot so that you can have an active, happy youth. This will nourish your soul and prepare you for reality.
YOU CAN DO IT!!!! YOU WILL DO!!! How do I know this? Because that is just how life is.


With Love, Brenda

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