Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today is Carolyn, my daughter's,birthday. God Bless you, baby. I wish you all the happiness your heart can hold. May God bless you now and always.

All my love, mama.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My father was very special to me. He was there for me after my mom died leaving me a child, aged 7. I was sent to live with my grandmother and aunt in Corozal Town and my dad would send money every month to support me, my grandmother and aunt.

What I remember best about FRANS RAYMOND YSAGUIRRE was that he was a giant among men. He was an architect who had studied in Puerto Rico and I was so proud to have him for a father.

He designed and builded many important building we see around Belize City, such as, Scotch Kirk and The Belize Bank Market Square. He also built many of the bridges and worked with Don Fairweather on the design and construction of Corozal Town after Hurricane Janet in 1955.

Dad, thank you for being a father and a friend. I miss chatting with you across the dinner table but I know you had to go build mansions in heaven. I love you and miss you.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Todo regresa a su fuente original, ha de volver a su fuente original. Si comprendes la vida, también comprenderás la muerte. La vida es un olvidarse de la fuente original y la muerte es recordarla de nuevo.
La vida es alejarse de la fuente original, la muerte es regresar a casa.
La muerte no es algo repugnante. La muerte es hermosa. Pero, la muerte es bella solamente para aquellos que han vivido la vida sin inhibiciones, plenamente, sin represión.
La muerte es hermosa solamente para aquellos que han vivido su vida de forma bella, que no se han sentido asustados de vivir, que han tenido el coraje suficiente para vivir, que han amado, que han bailado, que han gozado.
La muerte se convierte en la celebración suprema SI TU VIDA HA SIDO UNA CELEBRACION.
Déjame que te diga de este modo: lo que tu vida ha sido, la muerte lo desvelara. Si has sido un desdichado en la vida, la muerte revelara esa desdicha. La muerte es el gran revelador.
Di has sido feliz en tu vida, la muerte revelara esa felicidad. Si solamente has vivido una vida comodidades físicas y de placeras físicos, entonces por supuesto, la muerte será algo muy desagradable e incomodo porque has de abandonar el cuerpo.
El cuerpo solamente es una morada temporal, un refugio en el que pasamos la noche y que dejamos por la mañana. No es tu morada permanente. NO ES TU CASA.

Everything returns to its original source, it must return to its original source. If you understand life, you will also understand death. Life is forgetting the original source and death is remembering it again.
Life is moving away from the original source, death is coming home.
Death is not something disgusting. Death is beautiful. But death is beautiful only to those who have lived life without inhibitions, fully and without repression.
Death is beautiful only to those who have lived their life so beautifully that they have not felt frightened of life. It is beautiful to those who have had the courage to live, to those who have loved, to those who have danced, to those who have enjoyed life to the fullest.
Death becomes the ultimate celebration IF YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN A CELEBRATION.
Let me tell you this: what your life has been, death will reveal. If you've been unfortunate in life, death will reveal that misery. Death is the great revealer.
If you have been happy in your life, death will reveal that happiness. If you only lived a life of physical comfort and physical pleasure, then of course, death is something very unpleasant and uncomfortable because you have to leave the body.
The body is only a temporary dwelling, a shelter where we spend the night and which leave in the morning. It is not your permanent abode. IT IS NOT YOUR HOUSE.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Someone told me a few weeks ago that life was not going to get easier sooner but that we had the choice to make it work for each and everyone of us! I guess they are right. There is so little time and so much to do in this world today. So to help us see what life should be all about I am going to postsomething for you to think about from a great teacher. If you like it and would like to know more or would like to voice your opinion, you can do so here or you can write me at I will try to share with you what I have learnt and what I am learning with an open mind.
Have a great day!!!


Primero, tu vida es tu vida, no es la vida de nadie más. No permitas que nadie te domine, no dejes que otros te dicten lo que has de hacer. Eso es una traición a la vida. Si dejas que otros te digan lo que has de hacer, sean tus padres, la sociedad, tu sistema educativo, tus políticos, tus sacerdotes, sean los que sean, si te dejas dominar por los demás, te perderás tu vida. Porque el dominar proviene del exterior y la vida está en tu interior. Nunca se encuentran. No te estoy diciendo que tengas que ser alguien que siempre diga no a todo. Eso tampoco sirve.
Hay dos clases de gente. Una pertenece al tipo obediente, dispuesto a entregarse a cualquiera. No poseen en su interior un alma independiente. Son inmaduros, infantiles, siempre buscando la figura del padre, buscando a alguien que les diga lo que han o lo que no han de hacer. No son capaces de confiar en sí mismos. Esa gente forma la mayor parte de la población mundial, las masas.
Luego, en oposición a esa gente, existe una pequeña minoría que rechaza la sociedad, que rechaza los valores de, la sociedad. Ellos creen que son rebeldes. No lo son; son sólo reaccionarios. Tanto si escuchas a la sociedad como si rechazas la sociedad, si la sociedad permanece siendo el factor determinante, entonces eres dominado por la sociedad


First OF ALL, your life is your life, not anyone else's life. Do not let anyone dominate you, do not let others dictate what you have to do. That is treason to life. If you let others tell you what you do, whether they are your parents, your society, your education system, your politicians, your priests, whoever they are, if you let yourself be dominated by others, you lose your life. This is because the master is from the outside and life is within you. These two, your interior and your exterior ever meet. I'm not saying you have to be someone who always say no to everything. That will not help.
There are two kinds of people. One belongs to the obedient type who are willing to surrender to anyone. They do not have within them an independent soul. They are immature, childish, always looking for the father figure, looking for someone to tell them what they have or do not have to do. They can not trust themselves. These people form the majority of the world population, the masses.
Then, in opposition to those people, there is a small minority that rejects society, and rejects the values of the society. They think they are rebels. They are not; they are only reactionaries. Whether you listen to or reject society it continues to be the determining factor of your thoughts and so you are dominated by society

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I waited for you that night
And you did not come.
I waited for your call,
And you did not phone.
I waited for your car to drive up
And it never appeared.
I wanted to call you around eleven pm,
I wanted to take you your usual just around then.
But you had an appointment so I thought you were there,
And so I sat waiting for you to appear.
At two o´clock I decided to wait no more.
So, Oscar and I decided to close the door.
I did not fall asleep for another hour or two.
I just laid in bed thinking about me and you.
The next day I awoke with a start at seven,
I was going to call you around then.
But I figured you´d be asleep so it would make no sense,
So I closed my eyes as I laid there surrounded by the smell of incense.
At 9am I sent you a text to remind you to call,
I did not know you were not there at all.
We went out and it was not until after three,
That I expressed what your absence was doing to me.
Because we had such a rule in our home,
I waited for your call feeling somewhat alone.
A call came at 5 but it was not from you,
Suddenly my world changed and I didn´t know what to do.
I went looking for you and no one could say,
I went everywhere searching for you on that day.
Finally at our home someone said those words I still hear,
Then I realized what had happened and I felt the tear.
Days turned into weeks and weeks now into months,
As we seek justice and as the evidence mounts.
I waited for you to arrive that day,
I waited for your call for you to say,
“Hola, negrita, mi amor, como estas?
Ya tengo hambre, en que piensas?”
And I would say, “Adonde sea, cielo, no importa, mi amor,”
Porque ya sabía que sea como sea estaría contigo,
Y juntos estaríamos en nuestro mundo de YO PUEDO.
So I waited for you and you never came,
Now I am sitting here in so much pain.
You are still with me, I know that to be,
Because you were always so much a part of me.
But I waited for you that silent night,
When someone took you away and turned off my light.
I waited for you and I wait for you now,
To tell me what happened, to tell me just how.
Can I go on living without you by my side?
Will my tears forever come with the tide?
Y la pregunta sigue siento lo mismo, mi amor…
La pregunta que te hice muchas veces sin este dolor,
-¿Sabes que, mi cielo?-
Y tu, riéndote me decías, -¿Que, negrita?-
-Te amo un chingo,- yo te decía.
-Yo te amo, tambien, bebe- tu me decias,
Y nos abrazábamos, riendo, y besando.

And so I wait…

Brenda A. Ysaguirre
January 4, 2010
Copyright 2010 Brenda A. Ysaguirre