Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Creativity of a Class comes with the guidance of a good teacher

The students of the Corozal Community College blended an English class experience with their Biology class and wrote their very own newspaper articles on their Biology subject...THE EYE!! Their teacher, Mrs Zerlina Verde had a hard time to choose the winner of this project and it is no wonder! As a retired English teacher, I found all entries to be unique and decided against judging these papers!

This is just one reason living in Corozal Town is a plus for those with children of high school, junior college and university levels!
Corozal Town has all three levels of education available for its young people and they are known for excelling at national and Caribbean levels!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Marie Smith, Methodist Primary School Teacher in Corozal Town, Belize

I first met Marie when she came to CCC ACE to continue her high school education leaving say home two young sons in her desire to better herself!

I soon realized that this young mother was intelligent, honest and caring and friendly! I became her English teacher for two years and noticed that she was determined to excel in all she did! On graduating from High School with honours she applied to CJC DAY DIVISION and was soon topping her class and showing that she was heading for the Dean's List for those who excel in their studies! Her graduation from Corozal Junior College with an Associate Degree was a memorable occasion! However she did not stop there!

She became a teacher at Methodist school and when I started the Teachers Education Programme even before we officially joined and received Belize's Educational Board's approval to do the Degree Programme for Primary School Teachers, she applied for and began studying for this Degree!

It was no wonder that by the time the programme got underway and was official, Marie has sank her brain and soul into her studies and graduated once again with honours when she completed her Associates Degree in Primary Education from CJC!

You would think she would stop there but she hadn't! Marie Smith is presently enrolled at CJC's Galen University Division where she is working towards her Master's Degree in Primary Eduction!

Hats off to Marie who over the year has become like a daughter to me and an outstanding young mother who is proving to us that determination is the key to success! Best Wishes to Ms Marie Smith for reaching for the sky and offering a piece of heaven to those young minds who are the future of Belize!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Zerlina Verde and her Biology Students at Corozal Community College

Meet Mrs. Zerlina Verde. She is a Biology teacher at Corozal Community College in Corozal Town, Belize. Preparing her students for their external exams that come from the Caribbean means that there are classes held on the weekends! Devotion to her students and their acquiring the best quality of education makes her one of CCC best teachers! 

Hats off to Mrs. Verde who meets the standard of one of the Teachers of the Year in my blog! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Family Life in Belize!!!!

I have got to take my hat off and congratulate my friend Zee Verde! In her pictures she showed me the wonderful weekend she enjoys every now and again with her son, Angelo and her husband, Emir!  Here we see Angelo working on a school project while dad is cooking a delicious dinner and mom was baking ... banana bread, I believe!

Ahhh the wonderful possibilities of living in Corozal Town, Belize!!!!