Sunday, December 30, 2007

End of Year Message

As we reach the end of the year 2007 it is time for me to look back at the year and thank all those who enriched my life in one way or another.

To the faculty of CCC ACE and CJC ACE, my secretary, the Dean and Asst. Dean and faculty of CJC Day Division, the Principal and Faculty of CCC Day Division, the Bursar, Asst. Bursar, cashier,and the secretaries, AND the students of CCC ACE and CJC ACE a special thank you for having been a part of my life.
To the many friends whose path I crossed this pass year, thank you for your friendship.

To my friends across the sea in San Pedro at SPHS and SPJC thank you for your friendship. It was truly a pleasure to be at some of your school functions and helping you from the main land whenever possible.

It was a trying year and a triumphant year. It was a year of sorrow and a year of joy. It was a year of heart break and a year of love. It was a year of learning and a year of teaching. It was a YEAR.


To my family and friend abroad and the Belizean public and all people of the world who may read my blogspot, thank you for your support and for reading my page.



Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Value of Friendship

How do we assess true friendship? When we were eight, we would share our sweets and cookies with our buddies and it was natural. As the years passed by, we grew up and our best friends became our confidantes. They shared and were expected to keep our deepest and darkest secrets. Aw, the value of friendship. How do we prove that we are worthy of it?
First of all, friendship should never be measured. It should never be taken for granted and it should never be undermined. We can exercise it in many ways BUT all of these ways must have a positive outcome. IF they should ever have a negative turnover THEN we have ceased to be true friends.
I believe if Belizeans and people the world over are to succeed in this ever changing world we MUST have TRUE FRIENDS. No matter the nationality, color, ethnicity, culturE or language. We choose our friends and for better or worst we are bonded by that thing we call LOYALTY. IT MAY SEEM SUCH A LITTLE WORD, but in actuality it is bigger than life where friendship is concerned.
A true friend must never feel he or she cannot confide in the person with whom they share this special bond. Once we have to hide from our friend what we have in our hearts and minds, then we have lost the meaning of friendship and undoubtedly we have lost a friend.
The value of friendship, therefore, is bigger than the universe. It is captured in songs, poems and stories. It is captured by the heart, the mind, the eyes, the mouth and the arms. It is captured because it is a thing to cherish, to have and to hold forever and ever.
Each day is a new beginning. Each day is a new approach to one's destiny. How do we arm ourselves for it? How do we prepare for the battle to save a friendship? We enter into battle armed with LOVE. We enter into battle armed with the TRUTH. We enter into battle with SINCERITY. We do it because we are TRUE FRIENDS.
EASY. We use RESPECT for our friends. We must respect their wishes, we must respect their privacy and we must respect their judgement. We can make our comments and options to our true friends BUT we must be prepared to accept that they will want us to RESPECT their decisions. After all, they MUST HAVE THE FINAL SAY IN THEIR LIVES. True friends MUST KNOW WHEN TO BACK AWAY AND LET THINGS BE. They must be willing to sit back and relax until they are called upon to deal with whatever is asked of them.
The value of friendship is easy to appreciate but hard to deal with. However, if the friendship is to continue we must accept that there are things beyond us which do not require that we partake in them. Especially if they will add pain and suffering to a person we call a friend.
SO, TO THE MANY FRIENDS WHO THINK THEY DO WELL WHEN THEY OVERRULE THE WISHES OF A FRIEND I SAY, HEED THE WISDOM OF TIME. HEED THE WISDOM OF THE BRAIN. HEED THE WISHES OF YOUR FRIEND. Value the friendship. Value the friend. Value the trust and value the after claps of your actions. For once you have crossed the line, you nolonger have the power to take back what you have done and only God knows the effect your actions will have on the future of your friend. It could be as insignificant as an ant hill or has huge as Mount Everest. Beware of your judgements. No all good intentions end up good.

YouTube - Shania Twain - Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under

YouTube - Shania Twain - Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under

YouTube - Shania Twain - Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You): Dance LP Edit

YouTube - Shania Twain - Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You): Dance LP Edit

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


To all my family and friends and all my students at the Corozal Community College ACE today we set aside to be happy, to eat, drink and have a lot of fun but don't go forgetting the reason for the season and thank God for sending his son to be here so we could be saved.

Ciarra has just finished opening her presents and we are all excited and except for Carolyn, we all have the fu. That's Christmas for you!!! Brrrrr. A whopping 28 degrees the other day started me on that. Anyway, it's the season so we will have a reason FOR THE FLU!!!! Hahahahaha

May your family and you experience a close bond that only Christmas can bring. May you be blessed with a sense of PEACE, JOY AND HAPPINESS to last you the whole year through and may the year 2008 bring you all your heart desires.

To my Third Year girls who had babies this year, a special Merry Christmas to you all: Anelie, Neidi and Yazmin. How you have a better reason to celebrate the season. Give each of your little daughter's a big hug and kiss for me. You are on the road to many wonderful Christmases. ENJOY!!

God Bless you and keep all my readers healthy, save and happy.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Greetings at Christmastime

As I sit in my daughter's home in Georgia this year I can't help but think that the world is going crazy. So much has happened this year and so much still continues to happen that is is amazing that we can celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. However,we must be thankful that in our hearts there is still a ray of hope and a feeling of peace for without these we would really be lost.

I believe that we must look deep within us and find the good that is there. Christmas is a time to be happy. It is a time to share joy. It is a time of Peace and family and friends. So then let us sing 'Alleluia' for all we have accomplished that was good. Let us also sing "Alleluia" for all that we have yet to accomplish in the future.

It is a time for me to say thank you to the many friends and family that have been there for me. It is a time for me to say thank you to those who were kind to someone - even if I don't know you. It does not matter. If you did something out of the kindness of your heart for another human being, I thank you. You helped to make someone happy or safe. You gave a ray of hope and you received warmth at the knowledge that you did something for someone.

Some of you may say you did not do anything this year like that. Well, it is never too late. Go out and smile at the world. Be kind to others, share what you have, say only that which will be postive. Trust me, it will make you feel better. You will grow and you will have joy all year long.

It is Christmastime. Let just feel the joy of the season. HE came for a reason. What is your reason for being here? Think about it. Think before you do anything. Remember, once you have done an action you can't take it back. Whatever you say out loud to others will remain forever as your spoken words. BE KIND. Remember the movie, Bambi. IF YOU CAN'T SAY NOTHING NICE, DON'T SAY NOTHING AT ALL!

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. May God be in your homes and in your lives now and always.


It's Up To Us

As another year comes to an end,
Only God knows what comes around the bend.
But as we share with those near at heart,
Let us stop the horrors that tears us apart.

May we come to appreciate and love each other
As many a mother, father, sister or brother.
Because life was meant to be of joy and peace
So let freedom be and hatred cease.

We owe safety and life to the new generation,
Not death and sorrow amid any celebration.
Not a world of fear as one sees tomorrow,
But one filled with happiness, not with sorrow.

So let's join hands around the world,
And send love and friendship on a swirl.
For no one should sit back and nothing do,
The peace of this world is up to me and you!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2007 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Friday, December 21, 2007

Can a Belizean Woman have Power???

In today's world where Man has been in power for centuries, the question of whether a woman can get power or have power is ever present. In Belize it is no different. There are many types of women. The stay at home mothers, the single mothers, the working mothers and those that follow what their husbands or partners tell them to do.
Which are you? How do you identify the category you fit in? Most women fall under two of these labels as they listen and follow what they are told and they are either of the three types of mothers.
Where do we draw the line? How can we have our own identity? Should we fight for it? Is it good to have? To all these questions the answer lies deep within our souls. Man is a part of woman so why can't we have that which is ours? Do we really know what we want? Do we really know who we are? Look deep inside yourselves. Who are you? Who do you want to be? Why do you want to be like that?
A friend told me just lately that she did not recognize me. I had evolved and she was not sure if it was for the best. I laugh when people I have known for some time talk to me and voice their opinions this way. Should we forever be the same old person we were in high school or in our 20's or 30's? Should we not wish to improve ourselves? Should we not try to be all that we can be. Change is a stigma. I have lived it and I will continue to live it. Change makes enemies of the greatest of friends.It separates families and it brings pain and sorrow to the millions who are affected by it. So what good is it? Well, my dear friends, it brings POWER if we use it properly.
Is there anyone who does not want to have POWER? I think not! Power is much more that giving commands. It is much more than leading. It is guiding, challenging and motiviating ones self to a higher, much more meaningful, life.
So, can the Belizean woman have POWER? Of course she can! It is within her reach if she wants it. She can have it and she can use it to make her life better. Any Belizean woman who believes she can't be as good as the next person is not worthy of her country. We are a new country. We are a young country. We are small. Yes, all this is against us but only in our minds.
The first thing we need to arm ourselves with is a sound education. Many areas in Belize offer programmes that meet our needs. Education is within our reach. We have only to want it and to seek it and it is there for us.
Once we have an education we can move to the next level. A job we can do well at. Once you are employed, show interest in your job, always be on time and do your job to the best of your ability. In this way you will become an asset to the organization where you are employed.
Be polite. Be patient and be open to new ideas. While it is good to be a leader most of the time, remember it is also good to be a follower, too. Not everyone can be a Chief. We need Indians, too. Eventually, trust me, the Indian becomes Chief. However, whichever you are remember that you have power. Power to do your job to the best of your ability. At the end of the day, if you can go to bed and feel that you have a purpose to get up in the morning and go to work again and do your job well, then and only then will you be able to smile and say, "I AM RULER OF MY DESTINY. I HAVE POWER TO DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. I HAVE POWER TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!"
Then and only then can the Belizean woman have full control of her life. She will then feel and know what POWER is!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Why Love is Important in My Life and Yours

As the Christmas season comes along it is time to look back and reflect on the past year and try to see where we went wrong, where we did right and to make better the decisions we will make in the new year. Everyone has the right to do well and to be happy and to love and to live. I will look back at it in wonder. So much has happened in 2007 that a few years ago would have seem impossible. I have much to be thankful for. Life, Love and Famiy and Friends.

I guess the topic of love is one that we look at when we are teenagers with amazement and a little questionably, too. What is love, and how do we attain that high level emotion that has rocked the world and its people over the millions of years? Yes, how do we get it and most importantly, how do we keep it?

It is important that each and every person realize that LOVE begins with the individual and ends with you also. To be loved one must first give love. Sometimes we do things that we are unaware of. Love can be like that. It can be given without expectations of merit, reward and commendations. To give love freely is the greatest joy a human being can experience.

Love is nurtured by our actions. It is nurtured by our silence and our smiles. It is nurtured by our very existence on this earth. If we can learn to give freely we will be able to feel self worth and that fulfilment of having done something special.

Why do I love you? How do I love you? I love you because in the silence of a day, or the quiet of a night you are there giving moral support and smiling, singing and living life. I love you with every fiber of my being. I am whole because you have shown me that life is a passage of time. It is a state of being and like a rose that comes to full bloom. Its fragance fills the air and everyone looks at it in awe. Its scent cannot be stopped nor can its coming to full bloom.

Knowing love, how to love and BE love has been the greatest experience of my life. The world is a better place because I have found peace of mind and body. Songs have new meanings, the sun shining or the rain falling - all represent new life and joy and peace and fulfillment of life. I love my life, my job, and myself before anything else in this world and it is because of this that I can share with others that love and tomorrow will be filled with Love, happiness and that feeling of having accomplished something.

Love is important in my life and should be important in every person's life not because it will make you laugh and dance but because with it in your hearts you can go out and share that love with others. THAT IS OUR PURPOSE IN THIS WORLD. To share love with others. By so doing we rid this world of pain and sorrow. We rid this world of slavery and oppression.

A Man who has loved and given love is truly blessed with a special gift. His heart is filled with satisfaction of having done something that is worthwhile.
Love should be important in your life because in that way it will fill your existence, no one will be able to hurt you and all will flourish in your presence.

Love must take precedence in your life. It must be the focal point of your daily activities. With it your life will be better. Love and let Love. No strings attached. Just the knowledge that you enjoy doing what you do and that the people around you are better people because of the love you share.That is all we need to have in our minds if we want this world to be one of peace and happiness.


Accept my love today. I give it freely and unconditionally. Then, and only then can you do the same.

Monday, December 3, 2007

My life as a Single Mother

Time to write about something that is very near and dear to my heart. Being a Single Mother.

I am the mother of a 27 year old daughter who resides in the USA with her husband and our little princess, my granddaughter. Truth be told, I believe I am one of few single mother's with a happy and successful story. I grew up with my grandmother and an aunt because my mom died when I was seven. It wasn't difficult because I was always at my grandma's house when we would come up to Corozal every month when my mother had work to do for the Ministry of Education.

As life would have it I fell in love and DECIDED to have a child. Yes, people. Some of you get pregnant by mistake. My pregnancy was planned! I stopped taking the pill and after a few months was happy to find out I was pregnant.I had no idea how I was going to tell my grandmother and aunt but as faith would have it they told me!! How do some people know these things?? They must have been psychic! In fact I know they were! I had a good job, was second in position in an organization at age 21 and the world was mine. I was in love and nothing could have stopped me.

The love flourished during the pregnancy. I have never been able to erase one person's pain at learning about my pregnancy. I still carry it in my heart to this day. My father. I was his eyeball. I was his little girl. Destined for great things and to him this was the end of his dreams. This was going to be my reality and he was hurt. More so, I believe because the father of my unborn child was married and had a family of his own. Where did this totally Catholic girl go wrong? I was in church every Sunday almost from birth. I helped clean the church every weekend in Belize City as it was just across from our house there. LOVE! That damn emotion that makes young girls blind. Who can control young hormones young energies and youthful joy? I was no different than the average youth. We believe we have it all. We are so sure we can have it all. We are invincible!

I won't lie and tell you my pregnancy, the birth of my adorable daughter and bringing her up in this world was hard. IT WASN'T. Remember I told you I was one of few single mother's who would have a good story. My family was there for me. Even those in England sent things for my daughter and for a while the father was present, too. All the stars shone on us. Life was great! I had my job and my aunt and grandmother took care of my baby while I was at work. The years pass and my baby went to pre-school, primary school, high school, Sixth Form and University. Oh, those I PAID FOR. Yeah, somewhere along the line my daughter's father got lost in taking care of his other children and did not help in educating mine. I thank God for the strength, the ability and the intelligence He bestowed on me because I was able to do for my child what her father didn't. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate him. I can't. When people ask what I would like to change in my life I say having had that affair but it would mean I wouldn't have my daughter so that wouldn't be acceptable because she means the world to me.

I am not saying everything was all a bed of roses. There were ups and downs. The usual illnesses that children have, my grandmother finally dying after a painful illness, my aunt succumbing to breast cancer, and my dad dying of diabetes. I was there for all of them. The dutiful granddaughter, niece, and daughter took the task of caring for those who had given their support over the years. My grandmother and aunt bore their illnesses with dignity. THEY WERE FORMIDABLE WOMEN. My worst patient was my dad. Men do not take illness well. He was grumpy and made my life miserable but I did it.

Then the time for university came along. Lord help the single mother when it comes to educating their young. Five years of hardship no one can understand if they do not live it. I was not able to spend money on luxuries. Thank goodness I don't drink nor smoke. I was also brought up to be careful how I spent my money so I struggling and made it. I don't want to advertise for the bank but the Belize Bank believed in me and still does. I spent over $250,000 in university and maintenance in the USA for my daughter and today I proudly smile and can say I DID IT. At times I bit my nails as I kept afloat with two pay cheques, selling off land that I had inherited and items that were mine. I must say it was all worth it. I have no regrets. I did it out of love and I would do it again. My daughter and granddaughter mean that much to me.

However, I am aware that not all single mothers will have the opportunities I did so I am pledging today to help all those single mothers who need the support that is not available to them. At this very moment I am working on an organization that will be there for single mothers. I strongly believe that no mother or child should have to be alone or go through hardships caused by society's stigma, economical situations or absentee fathers.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


What can life be like in this ever changing world where love and happiness is so hard to find and hold on to? You wake up one morning and realize that there is nothing in this world you want more than to love and be loved. You wake up and realize that your dreams can sometimes be impossible. So why dream? Why fall in love? Why suffer the pain? I don’t know. I really wish I could have the answers to everyone’s questions and to my own but I am only human and while I try to understand the beating of my own heart I find I am drawn into reality. Reality often means accepting that you will hurt, you will cry and you will wilt away into a shell and want to die. But like millions of women or men before you, you WILL recover from the pain and you will recover your heart so do what your heart tells you now. Live each day with the happiness and the sadness it brings. Be prepared for whatever comes around the corner. Be prepared for the expected and that which is not expected. That way you can deal with each and every reality that your dreams lead to.

The human mind in the average person is set to emotions that lead to pain and suffering. Some of us torture ourselves even though we know that in the end the pain and sorrow we will have to endure could have been avoided. That is just human. We may take a while to pick up ourselves but sooner or later, with the help of friends and family or alone we eventually WILL pick up the pieces and move on.

So celebrate the happiness and celebrate the sadness and pain. Celebrate because it is the beginning and the end. Celebrate because all your dreams cannot have realities. Celebrate because MOST of your DREAMS WILL have REALITIES. Your strength MUST come from within YOU! Do no depend on others to make them happen. Don’t depend on others because if you are to be yourself you must be able to help yourself. In the end YOU MUST DO FOR YOURSELF THAT WHICH ONLY YOU CAN DO - LIVE AND LOVE YOURSELF, GIVE LOVE AND BE LOVE.


Love and Happiness are the poles to Love and Heartbreak. The two are realities of LIFE.
So, DREAM and ACCEPT THE SUGGESTIONS OF THE HEART and should REALITY bring PAIN, then celebrate that you are human to have all the emotions that are a part of your existence.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Life of a Student

I have dedicated this blog to my family and my students are a big part of that family. What is the purpose of family? To be there for each other and to grow together. So then, students, I am here for you. I have been here for you. What have you done to USE that availability? Each and everyone of you knows the answer that corresponds to you - the indidivual.

Today I look on the events of the past week and wonder exactly where you are all going. I am in awe because just when I thought you were learning and saw my dreams at the door of reality you shook my tree. Yes, Third Years this goes to you. I think somewhere along the way you lost me. You thought you understood me but you didn't. I am your Director. I am your guide. I am your teacher. I am your counsellor and I am a little more to most of you. BUT that does not give you the right to abuse on the friendship or the relationship that we share. That does not give you the right to THINK that you can do as you please when it comes to your educational development.

On Tuesday night I told you I was disappointed at you for not submitting your assignment. Needless to say I was shocked at the number of you who believed you could get away with it! You are in the last year of High School and you THINK you can get away with not doing your assisgnment. Lord, where did I go wrong? Am I being to soft? Too kind? Do I have to get down on you and treat you like children? I thought we were pass that. So today I have to try to get you to see that you need to evaluate yourselves. You have to decide for yourselves what it is that you want to accomplish this year.

The road to success is never easy. It is covered in many layers of struggle, pain and suffering, days for great accomplishments and days of defeat and failure. It can be the whatever YOU want it to be. It can have meaning to your life and it can enrich your hearts, minds and souls. It can be YOU! However, it won't be all this if you sit back and wait for tomorrow or the next person to make it successful for you. I cannot create your success. I am here only as a guide to that success. It is a success I want for all of you. It is a success that I DREAM of for all of you. It can be a REALITY that I can be proud of for you BUT I can only do this if YOU give your 90%. I will coat it with 10% of me. I will nourish it with all I can BUT you must do your part.

So we are at a two-way street. Which will you take? The road that is offered to you or the road that will lead you to hardship and failure? In this life the choices will always be YOURS. There will be people there to offer you the way to success and happiness but you must WANT IT. You must WANT IT BADLY. So badly that it hurts. Your heart must yearn for it. You must feel possessed by the need to have it. YOU MUST THIRST for KNOWLEDGE. YOU MUST THIRST for SUCCESS. AND YOU MUST WORK for IT!

Yesterday is gone. Today is here. Tomorrow will be today when it gets here. Focus on all your TODAYS. While you take each day a step at a time, have in mind that YOU are RULER of your HEART. YOU are RULER of your MIND. YOU have the FUEL to POWER ALL YOUR DECISIONS. And YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL YOU SUCCESSES AND FAILURES. Only when you accept this will your life be meaningful to YOU. Don't wait until it is too late to realize that you have failed in your purpose in live. Effective today make changes that will make you a better person at school, at home, on the streets, and with your friends. Only in this way will you be able to succeed in life. THIRST for everything that is attainable to you.

Make my dreams your realities!! Show me that YOU CAN!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Motocross Game

Games by Miniclip - Motocross Urban Fever
Motocross Urban Fever

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Juega a este Juego Gratuito ahora!!

Understanding One's Self

What have we seen over the millions of years since creation began? Wars, misunderstandings and plagues are top on the list. At the very bottom we can see a few times when peace and tranquility reigned over Mankind. Why has it been so difficult for Man to overcome hardships and live in peace? As far back as the Bible records we see brother fighting against brother and hatred reigning in the hearts of Man. So, then you say, if back then we had so must anger and frustration why should today be any different? Why should anyone expect to see a world at peace?

The key to tranquility and the peace that should exist is not attainable because MAN has refused to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND each other. We are too busy with ourselves that we do not listen to others. We want to control conversations. We want to speak only that which is important to US. So what if our neighbour or friend has a problem. That is his problem. Until it becomes our problem it does not concern us. And if we are unable to listen forget understanding the other person. Most people understand only that which is related to them. They block out all that which is irrelevant to them.

So then is this really wrong? Well it depends on how you view life. Do you believe that you should listen to the problems of others and try to solve their problems for them. Actually, the answer to that is NO! We are not really here to solve the problems of others. We are here to help them to see their situation and to offer them the means of helping themselves. That is why psychiatrists listen to the problems of their patients and say only a few words throughout the sessions. That is the root of HAPPINESS. MAN needs to learn to be self-sufficient. He needs to be able to assess his situation and decide what is the best way to prevent a repetition of the same from happening. Once we understand ourselves, we are able to deal with whatever situation falls in our laps.

So beginning today, try to understand yourself. Try to evaluate your situation. You are the master of your life. You are the keeper of your sanity. YOU ARE THE POWER THAT FUELS YOUR EXISTENCE.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Accept the New Me

So it all seems different to you,
It is something out of the blue.
Who would think that now things would change,
You think I am acting out of range.
I tell you I am happy but you can't understand,
Just be my friend and extend your hand.
You are my confidante, you are my friend,
That will be so to the very end.
So please try to see the me I am now,
Don't ask the question "Woman, how?"
Life is short and each day flies by,
If I said I was unhappy it would be a lie.
I am living life as it comes each day,
Are you listening to what I say?
Life is death as black is white,
Happiness is sadness as wrong is right.
Live today with the joys it brings,
Listen to your heart when it sings.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2007 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Friday, November 16, 2007

Beauty After the Storm

For all the people of Corozal, Belize

Clouds become grey before the storm
As the air around us becomes warm.
All is still and silence covers,
A community prepares for showers.
Drop after drop it slowly comes,
Suddenly the earth cheerfully hums.
God's blessing is sent from above,
Nature accepts the Creator's love.
Lightning flashes and thunder rolls
As water down the hillside flows.
Puddles develop in gardens and streets,
But nature accepts raindrops as treats.
For tomorrow the sun will shine again,
We'll have forgotten this storm by then.
The leaves will be green and the sky will be blue,
And God's Earth will have a beautiful hue.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2007 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Note: This poem is published by the International Society of Poetry's The Best Poems amd Poets of 2005

Carolyn, My Darling Daughter

The stars twinkled ever so brightly,
The angels sang your name cheerfully,
Every day into my life you bring joy,
I thank the Lord you're a girl not a boy!!
I thank Him too for the bond we share,
As mother and daughter and friends who care
You're my greatest friend, the reason I live,
My best wishes and blessings to you I give.
I pray for your happiness and your success,
I pray to God daily that you will be blest.
You're all I could ever want a daughter to be
I am so happy that you are a part of me!
There is so much in life's journey to success
Your accomplishments are my happiness.
All your pains are my deepest sorrows,
May you have only glorious tomorrows.
Remember you are my jewel, most precious
Remember daughter, that all I do, I do for us
All your tomorrows will always be true,
I send my blessing today to you.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2007 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Ciarra Alexandria - Grandma's Girl

Your arrival was such a joy,
You are our most precious little "toy",
Your mommy and daddy are truly blessed,
How Grandma feels no one needs to guess!
We all thought you'd arrive at month's end,
But you could not wait until then.
Grandma's glad you're here to fill her heart,
And pledge to always do her part.
Grandma's girl is quite a cutie, too!
Ciarra, grandma will do anything for you.
Like your mom you are most special to me,
You're another joy to grandma B!
May God bless and keep you safe and sound,
Even when your grandma's not around.
My darling most precious in the world,
You are definitely grandma's little girl!

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2007 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Your Life, Your Choice for Second Year Students of CCC ACE

You woke up this morning. Hopefully you gave thanks for your existence. Hopefully you realized that you are fortunate to be here. You have a purpose in life and you probably are still wondering what it is. You may not even know yet what you will do when you graduate from school. At this point in your life you are floating. You are ENJOYING YOUR YOUTH! You have a right to that enjoyment. It IS going to be the best days of your life. For now you move from side to side and you are among friends and colleagues who share many things in common with you: teachers, assignments, projects, tests and examinations, going to parties and just having a great time!

Stop a minute and think. Are you doing all you can to make your life, at this time, worthwhile? Many of you believe you should leave certain things to other people. "I didn't do it. Why should I have to fix it or clean it?" That attitude is NEGATIVE. It is time for us to do things because they are POSITIVE. We should do things that make us feel right.

So, as of this instance try to CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. Become a caring, loving and deserving person. It may seem insignificant. There may be no praise for it. It may go unnoticed. All the little things and the big things that you do in life are not always going to be obvious to others. However, YOU know what you do and how you do it. YOU will feel a sense of worth. YOU will feel a sense of pleasure. YOU will become a whole person. After all does it really matter what others think about you? Does it really matter if the world knows what you do? Hopefully you are above that. Hopefully you realize that it is how you feel about the things that you do that will give you the sense of being all that you can be!

Remember you can't be a youth all your life. You will grow up and the real world may hit you in the face if you are unprepared for it. That is a reality many have had to deal with. I have actually had graduates and drop outs come back and tell me that now they realize what I meant when I said "Your school days are the best days of your life."

So listen to those in authority. Try to follow what they say and do what is asked of you. They are just trying to get you to GROW. They are preparing you for the future.
It can become a future filled with success and happiness OR it can be one of disappointments, bitterness and hardships.

Live your life to the fullest. Be a person of action and goodness. Give love to those around you. Watch what you say and how you say it. Watch what you do and how you do it. Begin to be that person that you can be proud of. It WILL be rewarding, trust me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Civic Pride and All about being Belizean dedicated to the Class of Third Year CCC ACE

How do we show that we are true Belizeans? How do we exercise that patriotic right that is ours?

We are here now and as is obvious many things are occurring around us that we may not understand or like. What do true Belizeans do? First of all jumping up and pointing the fingers at others is easy BUT not necessarily the right thing to do. We must be able to look around us and decide for ourselves what we want for this land we call home. We must be able to feel the call for a better tomorrow. We must be willing to stand up for what is right and say no to what is wrong. Don't sit back and let someone else do the work for you.

The youths of Belize need to understand that first must come the love for self and country. CIVIC PRIDE must be present in our hearts if Belize is to succeed. Don't expect others to do for us what we know we can do for Belize.
The man who sits back and waits for change may never see it. The man who works hard to help make change is satisfied at the end of the day when the fruits of his labour takes shape.

Remember if we all sit back and wait for someone to do something chances are nothing will ever happen. Or if we run away from helping to make our country a better place we should have no voice in saying anything about what happens in this jewel.

Even the school you attend should not be a burden to you. You must give willing your time and energy to make your environment one in which you can live peacefully. Even if you are leaving school in a few months, you should put all your energy into helping to make it a better place NOW.

Leave you mark. A positive mark, of course. Someone is looking at you and though you may not see that person, the good you do will reflect in how they choose to be. Good begets good the same way the evil creates more evil. So we have the two poles. Good and Evil. Black and White. Life and Death. Doers and Lookers. Which do you want to be? How do you want to be? Where do you want to be? You have freedom of choice and freedom of speech. What will you do with it? Sit back and watch time go by or move and get progress and self fulfillment.

You may never be called to defend your country. But would you? Think about it now when you are still living in your little world of happiness and tranquility. Prepare yourself for whatever the world throws in your lap. Remember positive thoughts are good for you. Remain focused and do that what makes you happy. Don't worry about things you cannot change. Don't even worry about the things you can. Think before you act and when you do act give all of your energies to the cause.


True Friendship dedicated to Angie, the best friend a girl could ask for

There are many things in life that surprise us when they occur. Life is changing as we speak. Friendship is eternal. Friendship is a sacred trust. When we can share all our inner thoughts and feeling with that one person or a few people who mean the world to us even if they aren't blood relatives, then we know that true friendship is worth having.

Life is a path to great rewards and many frustrations. Life is inevitable. We don't get to choose where we are at the beginning of our lives, who our classmates will be, who our colleagues will be BUT sooner or later we get to choose our friends. The choices we make at times will not be to our best interest but that is life. However, eventually we find friends who mean the world to us. Their happiness become our happiness, their sorrow become our sorrow. We become a part of their lives and they become a part of ours. TRUE FRIENDSHIP is the best thing that can be attained in life. It is a bond that tells us that we are cared for, that we care for others, that we are human and that we have one of the best reasons to be alive.

Who better than a friend to point out our flaws, tell us that we are wrong and be the conscience we need in life. There are no boundaries where friendship exists. Be there for those we consider friends and they will be there for us. There is no need to ask your true friend for anything. A true friend knows when she or he is needed even before you say something. It becomes a bond that grows with the times spent together and it makes the saying "Blood is Thicker than Water" a little weak because often times our best friends are not blood relatives but in a sense they become our sisters, brothers, mothers and daughters.

Thanks, ANGIE, for being there for me in my times of need. Thanks for being the sister, mother, friend and confidante that you are. God blessed me with your friendship for a reason and I am sure you agree with me when I say we are TRUE FRIENDS.

Mujer, you are also my GUARDIAN ANGEL!!!

Accepting People as They Are

So, we are in this world thanks to parents. The struggle began for each of us that first day and throughout life we are faced with the reality that life is huge, life is hard and yes, life can offer us more than just wealth or success IF we see and accept that there is more to it.

Most of the times people will accept us if we do the things they expect of us. Most of the times they will love and support us because we chose their ideas and ideals and are motivated the way they are.

So what happens when we change and chose new ideas and ideals. Chaos! Total chaos! The world as they know it is over. Friendships are tested and hopefully somewhere, sometime, the level or return to a norm we can accept arrives and our friends can accept us for whom we have become or they can accept us because their love for us is greater than that which separated us in the first place.

That is life. It is a harsh reality and one that few people have been able to overcome. What do we learn about humanity and human behaviour? There is so much to learn. First of all the reality that each person is allowed to think and decide for him or herself what is right or wrong has been a way of life and will always be. That is the power of individuality. That is the power of being ones self. No one must give up the power to think and decide for himself. The choice to grow in new directions, however, is open to all. Those who choose to embrace new ideas and ideals must be open to quite a number of things. The hurt and disappointment of not being understood is one of the most painful realities of change. However, if you believe that your change has a meaning for you then that is all that is necessary. After all we are responsible only for what we ourselves can use or what we choose on the road we take when we make changes in our lives. We can not expect people to always accept our ideas or way of life. Once we accept that WE are in control of ourselves and that acceptance by the mass is not necessary for our self preservation THEN we have moved to a higher plane. One of self respect and self love. For he who loves himself can give love and receive love unconditionally.

So, accepting people as they are or as they become is the step that one must take in life to continue living without pain and sorrow. We may not have done the things you would have wanted us to do all our lives. We may have become strangers because we suddenly decide to see the world from another prospective. LOVE. That is all that really matter. First of all, each person in life MUST love him or herself. Love of self creates an aura of tranquility and that peace that is emitted is passed on to those around us.

Happiness is the root of the entire goodness of change. Are you happy with the changes you have made with your life? Or will you be happy with the changes you have decided to make in your life? If your answer is YES, then that is all that really matters. Happiness is after all the foundation of a good life. Give love and BE LOVE. That is all that you can really be. Give one hundred percent in all you do. Speak only when necessary. Listen to the silence. So much can be said of we listen and not try to decide what is being said to us. Be the silence. Unspoken words are worth more than gold. Often times spoken words cause us to get into trouble. Caution the mouth, use the mind and give love. Accept people as they are or have become. On the long run they are the masters of their choices. Why fight change? Some changes make us stronger individuals in life. And should we fall along the way, who better than a friend to pick us up and cry with us. Who better than a friend to tell us with LOVE that they will be there for us no matter what. No " I told you so" should come from the lips of friends. Understanding and kindness is all that we have ever asked for in friends.

So let us look around us and see the changes occurring in people. Let us accept them for whom they have become and let us be open to change. In this ever changing world the best we can hope for is to die peacefully in our sleep but as life would have it it may not be that way for all of us. So we must live each day as if it was the last. Live the NOW. Be the NOW and maybe learn that life is too short. Celebrate each day and share love with everyone. Accepting is loving even if it hurts us. That is Life. That is all this world needs.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

THE NOW dedicated to Abel

When you awake and begin your day
What is the first thing that you say?
Giving thanks for today is the way to start
Then move on to enjoying the day - fill your heart.
There is so much to do in the NOW
No time to stop and ask - HOW?
You don't need to stop and think too much,
Do what brings you joy and live as such.
Many people have pains and hurts on their minds,
But have they looked around and seen the signs?
Life is a process of living and dying ever hour
So why fill your heart with that which is sour?
Be happy, give love and feel love at all times
That's the way he who seeks peace climbs.
Success is good, it can be really great,
But don't lock yourself behind an iron gate.
Enjoy the world, enjoy the NOW
At all stage curtains give a bow.
We are actors, We are stars,
On the stage of life there should be no bars
And when tomorrow is finally here
It too becomes NOW- a time so dear.

Friday, November 9, 2007

This site is dedicated to Ciarra Alexandria, my granddaughter and to Carolyn Angela, my daughter.

Dreams are important if we are to have realities in our lives. How do you dream? Easy. Just let your minds go. Life is a continuous process. However, we must live each day as if it was our last. We must be happy today for through happiness we are able to enrich our minds and our heart. Let us remember and accept that we are given a chance to make changes in this world each day. Life is a process of living and dying. We are here now. We must dream now. We must see the realities of the now. We must act on them and create positive images. in this way we are able to survive in this world which is changing and creating more challenges for us each day.