Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Accepting People as They Are

So, we are in this world thanks to parents. The struggle began for each of us that first day and throughout life we are faced with the reality that life is huge, life is hard and yes, life can offer us more than just wealth or success IF we see and accept that there is more to it.

Most of the times people will accept us if we do the things they expect of us. Most of the times they will love and support us because we chose their ideas and ideals and are motivated the way they are.

So what happens when we change and chose new ideas and ideals. Chaos! Total chaos! The world as they know it is over. Friendships are tested and hopefully somewhere, sometime, the level or return to a norm we can accept arrives and our friends can accept us for whom we have become or they can accept us because their love for us is greater than that which separated us in the first place.

That is life. It is a harsh reality and one that few people have been able to overcome. What do we learn about humanity and human behaviour? There is so much to learn. First of all the reality that each person is allowed to think and decide for him or herself what is right or wrong has been a way of life and will always be. That is the power of individuality. That is the power of being ones self. No one must give up the power to think and decide for himself. The choice to grow in new directions, however, is open to all. Those who choose to embrace new ideas and ideals must be open to quite a number of things. The hurt and disappointment of not being understood is one of the most painful realities of change. However, if you believe that your change has a meaning for you then that is all that is necessary. After all we are responsible only for what we ourselves can use or what we choose on the road we take when we make changes in our lives. We can not expect people to always accept our ideas or way of life. Once we accept that WE are in control of ourselves and that acceptance by the mass is not necessary for our self preservation THEN we have moved to a higher plane. One of self respect and self love. For he who loves himself can give love and receive love unconditionally.

So, accepting people as they are or as they become is the step that one must take in life to continue living without pain and sorrow. We may not have done the things you would have wanted us to do all our lives. We may have become strangers because we suddenly decide to see the world from another prospective. LOVE. That is all that really matter. First of all, each person in life MUST love him or herself. Love of self creates an aura of tranquility and that peace that is emitted is passed on to those around us.

Happiness is the root of the entire goodness of change. Are you happy with the changes you have made with your life? Or will you be happy with the changes you have decided to make in your life? If your answer is YES, then that is all that really matters. Happiness is after all the foundation of a good life. Give love and BE LOVE. That is all that you can really be. Give one hundred percent in all you do. Speak only when necessary. Listen to the silence. So much can be said of we listen and not try to decide what is being said to us. Be the silence. Unspoken words are worth more than gold. Often times spoken words cause us to get into trouble. Caution the mouth, use the mind and give love. Accept people as they are or have become. On the long run they are the masters of their choices. Why fight change? Some changes make us stronger individuals in life. And should we fall along the way, who better than a friend to pick us up and cry with us. Who better than a friend to tell us with LOVE that they will be there for us no matter what. No " I told you so" should come from the lips of friends. Understanding and kindness is all that we have ever asked for in friends.

So let us look around us and see the changes occurring in people. Let us accept them for whom they have become and let us be open to change. In this ever changing world the best we can hope for is to die peacefully in our sleep but as life would have it it may not be that way for all of us. So we must live each day as if it was the last. Live the NOW. Be the NOW and maybe learn that life is too short. Celebrate each day and share love with everyone. Accepting is loving even if it hurts us. That is Life. That is all this world needs.

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