Monday, November 19, 2007

Understanding One's Self

What have we seen over the millions of years since creation began? Wars, misunderstandings and plagues are top on the list. At the very bottom we can see a few times when peace and tranquility reigned over Mankind. Why has it been so difficult for Man to overcome hardships and live in peace? As far back as the Bible records we see brother fighting against brother and hatred reigning in the hearts of Man. So, then you say, if back then we had so must anger and frustration why should today be any different? Why should anyone expect to see a world at peace?

The key to tranquility and the peace that should exist is not attainable because MAN has refused to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND each other. We are too busy with ourselves that we do not listen to others. We want to control conversations. We want to speak only that which is important to US. So what if our neighbour or friend has a problem. That is his problem. Until it becomes our problem it does not concern us. And if we are unable to listen forget understanding the other person. Most people understand only that which is related to them. They block out all that which is irrelevant to them.

So then is this really wrong? Well it depends on how you view life. Do you believe that you should listen to the problems of others and try to solve their problems for them. Actually, the answer to that is NO! We are not really here to solve the problems of others. We are here to help them to see their situation and to offer them the means of helping themselves. That is why psychiatrists listen to the problems of their patients and say only a few words throughout the sessions. That is the root of HAPPINESS. MAN needs to learn to be self-sufficient. He needs to be able to assess his situation and decide what is the best way to prevent a repetition of the same from happening. Once we understand ourselves, we are able to deal with whatever situation falls in our laps.

So beginning today, try to understand yourself. Try to evaluate your situation. You are the master of your life. You are the keeper of your sanity. YOU ARE THE POWER THAT FUELS YOUR EXISTENCE.

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