Friday, November 16, 2007

Beauty After the Storm

For all the people of Corozal, Belize

Clouds become grey before the storm
As the air around us becomes warm.
All is still and silence covers,
A community prepares for showers.
Drop after drop it slowly comes,
Suddenly the earth cheerfully hums.
God's blessing is sent from above,
Nature accepts the Creator's love.
Lightning flashes and thunder rolls
As water down the hillside flows.
Puddles develop in gardens and streets,
But nature accepts raindrops as treats.
For tomorrow the sun will shine again,
We'll have forgotten this storm by then.
The leaves will be green and the sky will be blue,
And God's Earth will have a beautiful hue.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2007 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

Note: This poem is published by the International Society of Poetry's The Best Poems amd Poets of 2005

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