Saturday, November 10, 2007

THE NOW dedicated to Abel

When you awake and begin your day
What is the first thing that you say?
Giving thanks for today is the way to start
Then move on to enjoying the day - fill your heart.
There is so much to do in the NOW
No time to stop and ask - HOW?
You don't need to stop and think too much,
Do what brings you joy and live as such.
Many people have pains and hurts on their minds,
But have they looked around and seen the signs?
Life is a process of living and dying ever hour
So why fill your heart with that which is sour?
Be happy, give love and feel love at all times
That's the way he who seeks peace climbs.
Success is good, it can be really great,
But don't lock yourself behind an iron gate.
Enjoy the world, enjoy the NOW
At all stage curtains give a bow.
We are actors, We are stars,
On the stage of life there should be no bars
And when tomorrow is finally here
It too becomes NOW- a time so dear.

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