Tuesday, November 13, 2007

True Friendship dedicated to Angie, the best friend a girl could ask for

There are many things in life that surprise us when they occur. Life is changing as we speak. Friendship is eternal. Friendship is a sacred trust. When we can share all our inner thoughts and feeling with that one person or a few people who mean the world to us even if they aren't blood relatives, then we know that true friendship is worth having.

Life is a path to great rewards and many frustrations. Life is inevitable. We don't get to choose where we are at the beginning of our lives, who our classmates will be, who our colleagues will be BUT sooner or later we get to choose our friends. The choices we make at times will not be to our best interest but that is life. However, eventually we find friends who mean the world to us. Their happiness become our happiness, their sorrow become our sorrow. We become a part of their lives and they become a part of ours. TRUE FRIENDSHIP is the best thing that can be attained in life. It is a bond that tells us that we are cared for, that we care for others, that we are human and that we have one of the best reasons to be alive.

Who better than a friend to point out our flaws, tell us that we are wrong and be the conscience we need in life. There are no boundaries where friendship exists. Be there for those we consider friends and they will be there for us. There is no need to ask your true friend for anything. A true friend knows when she or he is needed even before you say something. It becomes a bond that grows with the times spent together and it makes the saying "Blood is Thicker than Water" a little weak because often times our best friends are not blood relatives but in a sense they become our sisters, brothers, mothers and daughters.

Thanks, ANGIE, for being there for me in my times of need. Thanks for being the sister, mother, friend and confidante that you are. God blessed me with your friendship for a reason and I am sure you agree with me when I say we are TRUE FRIENDS.

Mujer, you are also my GUARDIAN ANGEL!!!

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