Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Life of a Student

I have dedicated this blog to my family and my students are a big part of that family. What is the purpose of family? To be there for each other and to grow together. So then, students, I am here for you. I have been here for you. What have you done to USE that availability? Each and everyone of you knows the answer that corresponds to you - the indidivual.

Today I look on the events of the past week and wonder exactly where you are all going. I am in awe because just when I thought you were learning and saw my dreams at the door of reality you shook my tree. Yes, Third Years this goes to you. I think somewhere along the way you lost me. You thought you understood me but you didn't. I am your Director. I am your guide. I am your teacher. I am your counsellor and I am a little more to most of you. BUT that does not give you the right to abuse on the friendship or the relationship that we share. That does not give you the right to THINK that you can do as you please when it comes to your educational development.

On Tuesday night I told you I was disappointed at you for not submitting your assignment. Needless to say I was shocked at the number of you who believed you could get away with it! You are in the last year of High School and you THINK you can get away with not doing your assisgnment. Lord, where did I go wrong? Am I being to soft? Too kind? Do I have to get down on you and treat you like children? I thought we were pass that. So today I have to try to get you to see that you need to evaluate yourselves. You have to decide for yourselves what it is that you want to accomplish this year.

The road to success is never easy. It is covered in many layers of struggle, pain and suffering, days for great accomplishments and days of defeat and failure. It can be the whatever YOU want it to be. It can have meaning to your life and it can enrich your hearts, minds and souls. It can be YOU! However, it won't be all this if you sit back and wait for tomorrow or the next person to make it successful for you. I cannot create your success. I am here only as a guide to that success. It is a success I want for all of you. It is a success that I DREAM of for all of you. It can be a REALITY that I can be proud of for you BUT I can only do this if YOU give your 90%. I will coat it with 10% of me. I will nourish it with all I can BUT you must do your part.

So we are at a two-way street. Which will you take? The road that is offered to you or the road that will lead you to hardship and failure? In this life the choices will always be YOURS. There will be people there to offer you the way to success and happiness but you must WANT IT. You must WANT IT BADLY. So badly that it hurts. Your heart must yearn for it. You must feel possessed by the need to have it. YOU MUST THIRST for KNOWLEDGE. YOU MUST THIRST for SUCCESS. AND YOU MUST WORK for IT!

Yesterday is gone. Today is here. Tomorrow will be today when it gets here. Focus on all your TODAYS. While you take each day a step at a time, have in mind that YOU are RULER of your HEART. YOU are RULER of your MIND. YOU have the FUEL to POWER ALL YOUR DECISIONS. And YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL YOU SUCCESSES AND FAILURES. Only when you accept this will your life be meaningful to YOU. Don't wait until it is too late to realize that you have failed in your purpose in live. Effective today make changes that will make you a better person at school, at home, on the streets, and with your friends. Only in this way will you be able to succeed in life. THIRST for everything that is attainable to you.

Make my dreams your realities!! Show me that YOU CAN!

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