Friday, December 14, 2007

Why Love is Important in My Life and Yours

As the Christmas season comes along it is time to look back and reflect on the past year and try to see where we went wrong, where we did right and to make better the decisions we will make in the new year. Everyone has the right to do well and to be happy and to love and to live. I will look back at it in wonder. So much has happened in 2007 that a few years ago would have seem impossible. I have much to be thankful for. Life, Love and Famiy and Friends.

I guess the topic of love is one that we look at when we are teenagers with amazement and a little questionably, too. What is love, and how do we attain that high level emotion that has rocked the world and its people over the millions of years? Yes, how do we get it and most importantly, how do we keep it?

It is important that each and every person realize that LOVE begins with the individual and ends with you also. To be loved one must first give love. Sometimes we do things that we are unaware of. Love can be like that. It can be given without expectations of merit, reward and commendations. To give love freely is the greatest joy a human being can experience.

Love is nurtured by our actions. It is nurtured by our silence and our smiles. It is nurtured by our very existence on this earth. If we can learn to give freely we will be able to feel self worth and that fulfilment of having done something special.

Why do I love you? How do I love you? I love you because in the silence of a day, or the quiet of a night you are there giving moral support and smiling, singing and living life. I love you with every fiber of my being. I am whole because you have shown me that life is a passage of time. It is a state of being and like a rose that comes to full bloom. Its fragance fills the air and everyone looks at it in awe. Its scent cannot be stopped nor can its coming to full bloom.

Knowing love, how to love and BE love has been the greatest experience of my life. The world is a better place because I have found peace of mind and body. Songs have new meanings, the sun shining or the rain falling - all represent new life and joy and peace and fulfillment of life. I love my life, my job, and myself before anything else in this world and it is because of this that I can share with others that love and tomorrow will be filled with Love, happiness and that feeling of having accomplished something.

Love is important in my life and should be important in every person's life not because it will make you laugh and dance but because with it in your hearts you can go out and share that love with others. THAT IS OUR PURPOSE IN THIS WORLD. To share love with others. By so doing we rid this world of pain and sorrow. We rid this world of slavery and oppression.

A Man who has loved and given love is truly blessed with a special gift. His heart is filled with satisfaction of having done something that is worthwhile.
Love should be important in your life because in that way it will fill your existence, no one will be able to hurt you and all will flourish in your presence.

Love must take precedence in your life. It must be the focal point of your daily activities. With it your life will be better. Love and let Love. No strings attached. Just the knowledge that you enjoy doing what you do and that the people around you are better people because of the love you share.That is all we need to have in our minds if we want this world to be one of peace and happiness.


Accept my love today. I give it freely and unconditionally. Then, and only then can you do the same.

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