Tuesday, December 25, 2007


To all my family and friends and all my students at the Corozal Community College ACE today we set aside to be happy, to eat, drink and have a lot of fun but don't go forgetting the reason for the season and thank God for sending his son to be here so we could be saved.

Ciarra has just finished opening her presents and we are all excited and except for Carolyn, we all have the fu. That's Christmas for you!!! Brrrrr. A whopping 28 degrees the other day started me on that. Anyway, it's the season so we will have a reason FOR THE FLU!!!! Hahahahaha

May your family and you experience a close bond that only Christmas can bring. May you be blessed with a sense of PEACE, JOY AND HAPPINESS to last you the whole year through and may the year 2008 bring you all your heart desires.

To my Third Year girls who had babies this year, a special Merry Christmas to you all: Anelie, Neidi and Yazmin. How you have a better reason to celebrate the season. Give each of your little daughter's a big hug and kiss for me. You are on the road to many wonderful Christmases. ENJOY!!

God Bless you and keep all my readers healthy, save and happy.

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