Sunday, June 20, 2010


My father was very special to me. He was there for me after my mom died leaving me a child, aged 7. I was sent to live with my grandmother and aunt in Corozal Town and my dad would send money every month to support me, my grandmother and aunt.

What I remember best about FRANS RAYMOND YSAGUIRRE was that he was a giant among men. He was an architect who had studied in Puerto Rico and I was so proud to have him for a father.

He designed and builded many important building we see around Belize City, such as, Scotch Kirk and The Belize Bank Market Square. He also built many of the bridges and worked with Don Fairweather on the design and construction of Corozal Town after Hurricane Janet in 1955.

Dad, thank you for being a father and a friend. I miss chatting with you across the dinner table but I know you had to go build mansions in heaven. I love you and miss you.

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