Tuesday, February 12, 2008


What really goes on in the life of the women and the men that they fall in love with or have an affair with? While this situation is as old as time, there are many circumsatnces in life that help create this type of situation and unfortunately, they don't always have totally happy everyday life memories.

How does one fall down this road in the first place? The pattern, that has been viewed, shows that women become the other women for more reasons than one. Firstly, they need economical assistance and this is one way they can have that. Secondly, they may have been in a stage of vunerability over the lost of a love and this person comes into their lives offering love, tenderness and companionship. Thirdly, there are the situtions created by the lack of a previous person in one's life. The need to feel love, to have someone in your life can make you chose that which is offered - a man who is looking or a little spice in his life!!! Either way, the next few years or months will be filled with more than just happiness because studies have shown us that the poles must be present in life. So, there will definitely be times of sadness to match the times of happiness. That is the reality of life.

At first all is well. There is a string of promises. A lot of time spent together and definitely a lot of soul sharing and searching. In these relationships it is usually the man who is married. So, he knows exactly what he is doing but he can't help himself. The story of "my wife does not satify me" is a 95% line used to get women to fall for them and feel sympathy for them. Sometims it will be followed by "my wife can't have children and I want children". Please ladies, you are only opening yourself to a lot of pain and suffering. "I don't love her. I am only staying with her because of the children". "I love you and I am only happy when I am with you". THIS IS ALL A CRAP OF LIES. If the bastard stays with the two of you, for sure he has no plan to leave his WIFE!!! On the other hand, if he leaves her and moves in with you, you may just have a man who wants YOU!

But lets get back to the situation you have created for the family.
The other woman is sometimes not a very nice person towards the legally created family. Hers, sometimes, is the role of the Black Dalila and while she fights to take out and take over the man she has chosen, the suffering of the family is the least thing on her mind. She will stalk the home of her lover. She will stalk the wife. She will be around where the children are causing pain and shame. This is a very low thing to do and the Belizean of today MUST NOT, SHOULD NOT be like this. The Belizean woman must have some form of dignity. Certin things are not necessary.

The wife may at times be the tormentor because she is tormented by the circumstances created by her husband having another woman. Unfortunately neither woman wants to realize that their problem was created by the man. He should be their target but instead they target each other. So, sometimes the wife is the stalker. She will torment the other woman because like any true lioness she must protect her cubs and her den. The other woman may not be a fighter nor one looking to stalk. Unfortunately she is the target of abuse both verbal and physical by the wife. LADIES WE LOOK REALLY SILLY WHEN WE FIGHT OVER MEN!!! It goes against the word LADY. It is the most unlady-like thing to do! LET THE MEN FIGHT OVER YOU. DON'T LOWER YOUR STANDARD BY RESORTING TO BLOWS. Why act like garbage? Be dignified. Be elegant. Be a LADY!!! AND Wife, you should do all your fighting with the source of your pain - YOUR HUSBAND!!!Think about it. Who broke your trust? You changed? Who is bringing you pain? None other than the man who swore to love you to the very end.

Belizean women, think before you do or say. Chose your battles carefully. Plan them well. Your childre, your life and your happiness is all you should be focused on.

Sioncerely yours,

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