Friday, February 22, 2008


Isn’t it funny how one day you can be up in heaven and the next you are down in the slumps? I think life is one crazy situation of highs and lows, and ups and downs and if we stop to try to understand it we may end up confused and unhappy. I have decided not to ponder over many things from now on. I won’t use my energy to try and understand why life is filled with negatives and I won’t stop my heart from beating either. It will continue to dance to the tune that only I can hear. It will bring me happiness because it is mine. It will keep me safe and it must do as I want it to. No one will dictate to me how I should act or react to things around me. If I don't want to find happiness or if I don't want to do anything at all, I won't. This is my life and I will go about it the way I want.

I WILL DECIDE FOR ME. That is what every Belizean woman must have in mind. Nobody must have power over you to control you and to use you and then when they feel like they find excuses to drop you like a hot potato, hurt you like you have no feelings. Belizean woman, the time is now. Build a very hard turtle shell. USE IT. Let it be your shield. The world is filled with pain and sorrow. To avoid it you must be strong. Your shell will be your protection. It is your decision to not be afraid, to stand up for yourself.

It is time for the Belizean woman to stand tall and listen to the sounds of silence. If you are not happy with the life you now have, I ask you to recap. How can you improve on your life? How can you be all you should be? Maybe it is time to set your spirit free. Become a new, vibrant Belizean woman. Let no man block your path. Do things that please you. Go to places that bring you peace and find that inner self that has been dormant for ages. Remember that life is worth living and worth having.

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