Thursday, January 31, 2008


The world is filled with people who believe they have the answer to all things that are happening around them. They try to be helpful but in the process they get carried away in their goodness. It is time for us to see that while we want to be "good" we can end up hurting those around us.

I had the unfortunate situation at hand yesterday to see a young girl who seemed quite out of place. When I asked her what was the matter tears rolled down her cheeks. To the average person, this is a sign that it is time to move away. To me, it has become as common as a smile and now my reaction is to hug the person. So, I embraced her and continued to speak to her as I gently led her away from where we were to a more comfortable area.

The bottom dollar is she lives with her relatives since her mom has passed away and now in her early teens she is faced with the reality I had a few days ago myself. Life would probably have been different if her mother was alive! The love she recalls recieving from her mom is nolonger there. The affection she now craves is absent. What can she do?

There is very little that she can do. The reality is that if the person who has now become her mother-figure does not offer affection to her, she can do nothing about it. This is a terrible reality because on the long run she may look for love in all the wrong places. This is what we need to understand or we can lose our teens because we are busy doing the best we can without getting too involved in their lives where giving love is concerned.

So while we offer to take care of others let us remember they are only humans and they may require ALL of us not only the part we want to give. If we are not going to give all, then maybe we should consider not offering to be there in the first place.

Remember, we must give because we feel good about giving NOT because we will get in return. Give freely. It may come back to you in another way.

Yours sincerely,
B. Ysaguirre

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