Wednesday, January 9, 2008



The relationship between a man and a woman is one of the unexplained wonders of life. They meet, there is eye contact, untold words send messages that only they can understand and bam! the explosion that can have many kinds of end results comes into motion. Time passes and the couple get to know each other better. Changes occur and very soon they start to find out things about each other that were not apparent at the beginning of the relationship. Some of these revelations are good and some will be not so good. However, love can overcome everything.

A friend once said that she read somewhere, and she added it was really true, that when you first meet someone and he wants to win your affection he will bring you roses, chocolates and lots of other little presents. Once you get married and he knows he has you "for better or for worst" the gifts stop coming.

Most men have the tendency to want to get to know you but when they see the relationship is heading deeper into a state of no return, will bolt as soon as they can or will do something drastic to get you to move away. Why do they do this? I DON'T KNOW. I really wish I did. What I can say is they are going to eventually do things that will hurt you, things that will make you want to hurt them in return and things that only they can fathom.

So why do we sweat about these new and challenging declarations. Because we are human and realize they are important to our sanity. So while the man runs, the woman usually has time to recap and decide what her next step should be.

A strong woman will compile with the wishes of her partner and give him the space he asks for. Beware of strong women, gentlemen, you ask them to ease off and in so doing you give them time to think, to nuture and to grow. You give them time to plan the rest of their lives. Forget the pain your pushing them aside has caused. You have given the woman time to regenerate, to recharge that "self" that she may have hidden away when she settled into YOUR lifestyle.

So while you cry for freedom and space, watch out! You might just get a little bit more. We may never understand you completely, but we can love you totalling and that love can make you get more than you can chew.

In short, understanding why some men tend to run away from love is an unsolved mystery. We can only try to make then into better people of this planet.

Remember the words to the song: ALL THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE....IS LOVE.... LOVE IS ALL IT NEEDS.

Yours truly,
Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

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