Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's a peaceful night in Belize. Most Belizeans are asleep as I sit in front of this computer and decide what I am going to write next. It is actually 2:34am as I begin this page. I guess we are all focused on the political force that is carrying us with it as we near the end of another battle for power. Who knows where it will all end and who really cares? As we fill our pockets( I haven't gotten anything YET) with all the goodies that come with campaigns, I smile. A drive through the town of Corozal where I live is filled with the two major parties propaganda. The reds and the blues have done themselves proud. I must say that the red had gone head over heel in their bid for a chance "to bite into the pie".

What is obvious is that there is a lot of unrest among the masses. I have tried to make Belizeans understand that this is a battle we do for the politicians and not necessarily the right thing to do. Neighbours are fight with each other and the joke of "here flies a red flag or a blue flag "or "now much bigger mine is" or "how many I have out" is all getting to be too much.

So, I am counting the days for it to be all over but in the process I guess I should stop and count the days too that are left for me to go vote! 12 days to go!!

I guess the focus we have learnt to have over the years where politics is concerned has made us gotten a little harder.


Smile on the street as campaigners go about their task of attaining votes.

Keep the manifesto of both parties and as the winner of the election accomplishes the things they said they would do place a check mark on it. If at the end of their term of office they have not accomplished at least 50% percent you should know what to do the next time round.

First time voters, especially 18 year older should have nothing to say about the party they are against. You are either too young to know what the hell you are talking about or you are using the thoughts and sentiments of others. You are just a pawn in this politicial garbage. Mnay of you haven't learnt to wash your clothes yet and you want to talk about progress ans jobs. PLEASE! I have been there and done that and the bottom dollar is this is Belize. Land of NOTHING MUCH MORE!!! WE JUST AREN'T A WEATHLY COUNTRY ANS I DOUBT VERY MUCH IF WE EVER WILL BE.

So wake up young Belizeans and listen before you speak. It is idle talk that have caused wars. Listen to the silence. Be the silence.

Yours sincerely,
Brenda A. Ysaguirre


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