Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to the New Year 2008

Well, it is finally here. January, 2008. As we joined with millions around the world in different time zones, we experienced that awesome feeling that we have been allowed to see the dawn of yet another year. We have survived the time and age of yesteryear and are now allowed to celebrate a new and appealing era.
Some people claim to have new years resolutions. Many make them only to break them. I believe that we should NOT make new year's resolution but should live by a set of principles that we can easily use as a guide to a better life. We must have goals set for us that will meet the needs of our lifestyle. We must be willing to go the extra mile to achieving a better life. When we have these, and only then, can we say that the new year will be one in which the challenges we will face will be met with strong resolved actions.

Face the challenges of this new year like you have never faced any other challenge in your life. Be firm. Be happy. Do what makes you feel at peace. Do what gives you that inner glow of serene, mystic joy. Face each day with a smile. Keep away from negative energies, be they friends or be they foes.

We have come this far. Let us try to make this new year one of extreme and pure peacefulness. Relax, take a deep breath, and open your heart to all the possibilities. Life is what we make of it. Live well, and you will be blessed.

A Happy New Year to one and all. May all your dreams and aspirations come true. May you experience life to its fullest.

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