Tuesday, January 15, 2008


As Belize and Mexico prepare for elections in the coming month, the words on the streets in these two countries are probably all about politics. While it is good to be politically involved, I have found that there are a lot of people who are ignorant to many political facts. In short, to analyse which party is best, how possible the promises politicians make when they are campaigning actually are, and most importantly, how necessary it is to exercise your right to vote.

I am not a very political person. I hate politics with a passion and I guess when you get to my age and you still feel that way it means you really do hate elections, the bitter aftertaste it gives when campaigning goes stink, the blatant lies of many in their desire for power and the fact that family comes first, no matter which side of the fence the politician ends up on.

However, we must have an open mind and on election day we should be able to vote for the person or persons we believe will make our country a little better. PLEASE, politicians stop promising more jobs and a better lifestyles. In a country as poor as Belize where there is not the possibility that we will discover gold, silver or where not many more factories will go up, the chances of jobs for the everygrowing population is as probably as you and I will become millionaires by the end of this month. And, voters STOP believing eveything you are told. Try to think for yourselves and try to see that all you need in this world is to work hard. You may never have everything you want but at least you should be able to eat everyday, pay your bills ( if you don't create bills you know you can't afford), and sleep peacefully every night.

Suddenly beautifying Corozal is a must. That just enfuriates me. I hate when we wait until election time to show we can do something for our town. I guess we must be fools because many of us see all the sudden incentives as proof that there is better in a particular party. Damn it people, can't you see, you are pawns in someone's bid for power and the acquisition of money and assets.

I guess being politically influenced is our downfall. The first time voter is the most vunerable. I remember the year I first vote and how enthused I was. That feeling died a long time ago. Now my sense of obligation overrides enthusiasm and confidence in the process. Trust me I WILL VOTE ON ELECTION DAY. I WILL EXERCISE MY RIGHT AND I DO BELIEVE MY CHOICE IS THE RIGHT CHOICE. For 24 hours on Election Day, I will have the power to decide what happens to my country. We all do. I pray that God will help us into deciding what choice to make BECAUSE tomorrow we will have to live with it.

So take a deep breath and dip that finger into the ink on election day.

Sincerely yours,
Brenda Aurora

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