Sunday, January 20, 2008


When technology took a hype for the introduction of the internet, MAN smiled and said that it was good. Today, however, some of us may be wondering if this modern way of writing and meeting people is really the answer to all our prayers. There may be more than legality to the use of the internet in today's world and if we are not careful we can end up on the cover of some website doing things that we have never done in our lives.

Today's focus however is on the use of the chat room and the effect it has on the lives of many.

First of all let me say that there are a lot of lonely people in this world and some have found ways to meet people and to enjoy health relationships with them via the internet. It there is no third person involved in all this I am all for it. Have fun. Meet people and maybe in the long run you might just end up married to this person. HOWEVER what are we to do when some of these online friendships affect third parties in the relationship? What happens next?

There are a lot of you out there that are on line chatting with women and men and lying your heads off and having the person on the other end believing they have met the person of their dreams. If you are a person who will be online forever with someone in Europe or any other part of the world and you are in a relationship here on this side of the world, I think that you are a very conniving person. What the hell are you thinking? Aren't you satisfied with the life you are living that you need to be on line all night and day with some woman or man who have never touched.

I believe and this is my opinion, that any woman who will get on line and naked herself for a man she does not know anything about except what he tells her, is no good. She is a whore, a slut, and probably writing to a lot of men online. And on the other hand if you are a man and are tell her a lot of bullshit lies, you are a low down skunk. You are not worth a drop of salt and you should be castrated. YES!! I am harsh and I don't care.

What are you doing? Telling the person on the other side of the internet things that they want to hear? You barely sleep as time zones are different and you have to be up at times when you should be alseep. Your eyes are red. You have headaches from looking at the light and glare of the computer. Why spoil a good thing? Why be deceitful? Is your life so boring that you need some form of thrill that an unknown person can instill in you? How sad that you have sank so low.

Ladies,stop sending your photos online to every Tom, Dick and Harry. You are exposing yourself for some serious hurt. Stop being so trusting. There are a lot of male predators out there just waiting for a gullible woman. Chat rooms can become dangerous when you give out too much information about yourself and your "friend" encourages you to do things that are not normal nor healthy. Wake up before it is too late.

Cybersex is as common as the air we breathe. Look for signs of your partner living on the internet too much. Darn progress. If we are to have our partners back we will have to fight a machine and a person they may never meet in the flesh. All these hot, sexy names people give themselves when they get online is just too much.

REMEMBER : CHAT ROOMS CAN BE DAMGEROUS. If you are deceiving your partner by being constantly in one, please stop this awful practice. Your dependence on it is ridiculous. Get a life. There are many healthy things that you can do to enhance your life. There must be more to life.

Have a great day,
Brenda Aurora

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