Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yes, sometimes we get angry and blow a fuse. And sometimes we manage to hold it back.

What causes one person to be angry may not cause another to do the same. That is just the way human beings react.

So what can we do to calm our impulse to lead us to anger. Some people are quick to say start counting to ten. This may help but truth be told I can count to ten and still blow up. So there is a strong possibility that I am not alone.

I have found out that the best thing to do is to stop whatever you ar doing and take time to relax. If you can do some meditation. Light some aromatic candles and play some soft music. If that doesn't work, just let it go. Some of us need to release our anger. I know better today and I try to live by that but sometimes I still let it go.

Anyway, just don't keep it in and do nothing about it.

Have a great day.
Brenda Ysaguirre (trying to get back from nothingness)

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