Saturday, June 28, 2008


Canadian abortion bill draws protests
MONTREAL (UPI) -- Nearly 1,000 people marched in Montreal to protest a Canadian Conservative government bill they say threatens abortion rights.

Bill C-484, which has passed two readings in Parliament, would make it an crime to "injure, cause the death of, or attempt to cause the death of a child before or during its birth while committing, or attempting to commit, an offense against the mother," The Gazette (Montreal) reported.

However, protester Anais Bertrand said at the rally Sunday the bill opens the door to prosecuting legal abortionists.

"It refers to a fetus as a child -- and that's dangerous," she said.

Conservatives have countered criticisms by saying the bill is only meant to bring harsher punishments to people who commit crimes against pregnant women, and quotes the bill's wording as saying the law "does not apply to conduct relating in the lawful termination of the pregnancy."

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