Thursday, June 26, 2008


CAROLYN, My Darling Daughter
The stars twinkled ever so brightly,
The angels sang your name cheerfully,
Every day into my life you bring joy,
I thank the Lord you're a girl not a boy!!
I thank Him too for the bond we share,
As mother and daughter and friends who care
You're my greatest friend, the reason I live,
My best wishes and blessings to you I give.
I pray for your happiness and your success,
I pray to God daily that you will be blest.
You're all I could ever want a daughter to be
I am so happy that you are a part of me!
There is so much in life's journey to success
Your accomplishments are my happiness.
All your pains are my deepest sorrows,
May you have only glorious tomorrows.
Remember you are my jewel, most precious
Remember daughter, that all I do, I do for us
All your tomorrows will always be true,
I send my blessing today to you.

Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre
Copyright ©2008 Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre

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