Saturday, June 7, 2008


So we are in this world and are parents and all we want for our children is the very best. The PNSE results are in and come Monday the Government of Belize will release the results to the country. Most parent of students in the Standard Six level are chewing their nails right now. I guess that is to be expected.

As parents, all we want for our children is the best and for most parents nothing would please us more than to hear that our child has gotten a very high grade on this exam which, if we look at the results students get once they attend High School, is not a true picture of their intelligence.

However, let's not burst parents bubbles. Let's pray that their child can perform well in High School and surpass the expectations of everyone.

My word to parents is that they should try their best to help their child with school work. If you feel you can't be of much help to your child you can seek the assistance of others. There are a lot of retired teachers in our communities who can assist your children. Make use of these people because on the long run, the rising cost of everything in this country and the world at large, needs not have an added burden in a child who has to repeat a class and pay unnecessary school fees.

Remember, you need to help your child every step of the way. Your child's success is your responsibility.

Have a great week and hat's off to those students who did well in the PNSE. To the proud parents - congratulations.

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