Sunday, June 1, 2008


Yesterday, along with a number of persons from Corozal Town, I was honoured to be awarded the title of Ambassador for Peace at a Young Leaders Summit held at the Corozal Civic Centre in Corozal Town, Belize.

As members of my YO PUEDO Group watched, I was presented with this award and later had the opportunity to say a few words.

On behalf of the Yo Puedo Group I wish to inform the people of Belize that we are going to do our best so that no one can say that our youth lack support. We pledge to work hard so that our young people can have a normal life without crime. We will guide them into realization that they have the power in their hands to do great things and to be great people.

Special mention to my co- founder, friend and advisor Abel Lopez Rodriquez who spearheaded this group by giving them the incentive through a series of motivational talks that were held at their school. Thank you, Abel, for caring enough for Belize and Belizeans to have created this positive idea. This is the realization of more than just a group. This is the realizaion of LIFE and CHANGE for Belize.

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