Saturday, March 1, 2008

LISTENING TO THE SILENCE ( A Continuation of yesterday's philosophical blog)

Has someone ever hurt your feelings? Maybe the person whom we love the most says something that hurts us or we tell them something to hurt them. We need to think before we talk before we hurt people. Sometime your parents tell you hurtful things. We tell them things that hurt, too. This means that humans open their mouths for a lot of things which are not necessarily the best things.

When we listen to the silence and don’t say anything there is a hidden message. Take a man and a woman side by side and in the middle, a family in problems. This is like the story of Romeo and Juliet. The families can go to church and sit away from each other. These families can send messages without saying a thing. The lovers can say something also without talking. They use their energy in just looking at each other. This is what listening to the silence is all about. Maybe if we talk we attack people because we think they are thinking bad things about us. Maybe they aren’t even thinking about us. We are worrying about a lot of things that aren’t real. If you think life is about getting married and working and having things, you are wrong. That is not life. WE are doing wrong. We listen to a lot of stupid things like soap operas and shows on television that have no meaning.

The result of this blog depends on whether one person understands or learns from this topic. If only one person learns I am happy. We need to understand what is around us. For many years scientists believed we do not come from here. What do you think?
Do we belong here? I think we do and you know why? Because we need oxygen and trees do, too and surprisingly that is what is here on Earth –OXYGEN. So we both belong here. All animals from prehistoric times have evolved. Since we are animals you can see what I mean because we have evolved, too.

Animals do not need to kill to live. They don’t really kill to eat. Lions and tigers can be around all other animals and will not attack. Now take humans who are children of God. They are killing in wars even today. Why do we need to kill others? Why must we hurt others? Is that the definition of humans?

When we are by the seaside the sea does not talk to us. The fishes do not come out and talk to us. Yet we can listen to the sea. How do we listen to the silence? We can be filled with the silence of the sea because we may begin to meditate. We should learn to do this everyday in life. Meditate. But first it is to the bathroom then breakfast. Has anyone done differently? No really we all get up, go to the bathroom and then to get ready for breakfast. Not for an instance do we listen to the silence.

Last night millions of people went to sleep and did not awake this morning. A million more could not get up and had to be attended to by a care provider. Their food had to be prepared and they had to wait to be attended to. We don’t think about the right things when we get up. We should accept life and be happy that we awake each day. Having everything else is good but the best is that we have awaken to yet another day. We should be happy and thankful. And don’t worry about things when you go to sleep. Lots of people didn’t live to get back to sleep last night or tonight. So be thankful for your life.

Things will fall into place if you have faith in yourself and if you accept your realities. Two words can create positive change. I CAN. If you think you can, you will. Remember dedication and hard work are only parts of the puzzle but they can get us to success.

You can say it in Spanish too: Yo Puedo!!

Until tomorrow, don't forget to listen to the silence.

With Love,
Brenda A. Ysaguirre

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