Tuesday, March 18, 2008



The unexpected has finally come to past. The day when someone will look me in the face and say on of my blogs is an abuse of my position. People, the last time I checked I lived in a free society in a free world and I was allowed freedom by the blogspot on the internet to voice my opinions and to try to help others to learn. I pray the readers out there will see what I am saying and tell me if there has been anything on these blogs of mine that has misled anyone. I am a teacher by profession and director of the school in which I teach and one I am ashamed of my profession at the moment. You will ask why I am ashamed. My answer is because if a colleague can look me in the face and write on paper that I am abusing my position with the use of these or any of my blogs or website when all I set out to do was to help my students and to give some colour to their little Corozal Town lives, then there is something wrong with the educational system in which I live. Either it will have to go or I will.

This is the why wars begin. People misunderstand things because they are told a lot of rubbish and ideas are pushed into their already packed brain. I urge each and everyone to stop and think before they listen to others. Ask yourself why is this person doing this and what is the hidden agenda? People do things for different reasons. Think. Why would someone who is supposed to be a friend or was a friend at one time, of another person, suddenly turn on him or her?

I will tell you right now if I am told that this entry was wrong to write there will be a lot of changes in Belize very soon. My democratic right as a citizen in a free country must never be taken for granted. I may be a lot of things to different people, but I am a caring, honest teacher and Director. I fight for the right to learn and to have choices that will assist students to become strong men and women of Belize. It was my hope that one day someone out there would see these blogs and want to assist the school or students. THAT WAS MY HOPE. IT IS STILL MY HOPE AND I WILL TRY MY BEST TO SEE SOMETHING POSTIVE IN REGARDS TO THE BLOGS so they are not WRITTEN IN VAIN.

If you asked me why I began the blogs I would have to honestly say because Mr. Abel Lopez Rodriquez showed me how to do them. Abel is a person who sees the good in everything and everyone. I have had to tell him more than once that there are people who are around who are dangerous, conniving and just plain mean. All that sea breeze must be getting to the brain and causing a deficiency called “deception”. Trust me there will be no forgiving from now on.

Write me at http://cccandcjc-ace.blogspot.com and visit my website http://brendaysaguirre.galeon.com and tell me if I am abusing my connections with my school. I am calling on all bloggers to give me a hand on this. Give me the ammunition I need to fight back to save my blogs and myself. Today it is me, but tomorrow it can be YOU.

Thank you,
Brenda A. Ysaguirre
Director, ACE

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