Sunday, March 23, 2008


La persona que sabe aceptar la vida como es, es la persona que sabe como hacer de la vida mejor de lo que es.(Brenda A. Ysaguirre)

The person who knows to accept life as it is, is the person who knows how to make life better than it is. (Brenda A. Ysaguirre)

LIFE IS A DREAM. I AM POSITIVE OF THAT NOW MORE THAN I EVER WAS. There are no happy endings. There are just endings that that can make you happy. There are no great romances, just romances that are great.

You are going to ask how I got to this conclusion. Well, it was easy. I looked at the world around me and I saw a place filled with hatred, jealousy, pain, suffering, lies, deceit, love and hope. When you see all this you have got to realize that there are more negative feelings than positive emotions. This is bad. This is the pinnacle on which the chaos in the world is founded.

So what can we do when we realize that the world we live in is falling apart? Not much I must say except be happy for every day we are alive. Be happy to share the love we feel for ourselves with others and above all look at the errors we make in our daily lives and try to better them.

To do this we have got to put aside all the negative things that surround us. We must not allow them to invade our realm. We must try with all the substance in our being to
Spread love and good throughout the world. What if the person does not like us, you may ask. What do we do with that person? I could easily say what I would have said a year ago which would be: Forget the wasted piece of mush. Don’t focus on the people around you who are not your friends. Don’t try to be nice to the ungrateful, deceitful scumbags of society. However, today I can’t tell you that. It is no longer my philosophy, thanks to a very near and dear friend. Today I would have to tell you that we have to love everyone and more so those that hurt us. Incredible but true. Don’t get me wrong. It is hard as hell to do that. To the normal person it would probably be even harder because we have the pain and the anger to fight with. However, we have got to live with ourselves so we have to be happy and to be contented we have got to love everyone. Trust me it is still hard for me and I won’t do it right away but in time I will be able to look over my shoulder and say, “I forgive you for all you put me through.” Just make sure you don’t wait for it standing up. Hahahaha. It will take time.

I can do as I like. I will give love in time. There is no rush so let me be who I am. (Brenda A. Ysaguirre)

Yo Puedo hacer lo que quiero. Voy a dar amor, pero con tiempo. No hay prisa asi que dejame ser como soy. (Brenda A. Ysaguirre)

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