Monday, March 10, 2008


Time to laugh a bit and enjoy your week ladies. Have a great one.

YOU DA WAN True Belizean if….

If you know what "maga di liyan di walk an trimble" and "Lang gutts" means.

If you're not stuck up, you're "breggin"!

If you know what it means to be facey.

If you use the term "guh da caye".

If food tastes "nice", not good.

If you can name a dozen different uses for pigtail buckets.

If you eat pigtails.

If every significant gathering has a "vote of thanks".

When the sound of supa balls, goat shit, and stretch mi guts make your mouth water.

When you say nabel instead of navel.

If you have a Mennonite dresser in your room.

When you know that Mennonite ice cream is the best.

If you know who Lauren da Mawnin, Ramsey, and Lion are.

People tell you to stop screaming when you're really just talking.

You don't go over to your neighbor's house to say hi, yu go hail yu neiba.

If there are more drunken adults than kids at your child's birthday party.

If you understand the term "pan belize time" to mean sometime within the course of the day (if you are lucky).

If you understand the term "directly" to be a synonym for Belize time.

If you have at least 30 cousins, an if not, u still d claim family.

Whenever you're angry, you spout off a torrent of "rass", "foka" and "madarass".


When you get angry you start talking in creole and no one around you can understand a word you're saying.

If you say crazy things like "mada fella", "mada eas" or "buck you lata"

You call someone "simple or sickning" an foreigners can't comprehend the term.

You constantly refer to cereal as "kaan flakes", even if it's rice crispies or somthing thats not corn flakes at all.

Your mother yells at the top of her lungs to call you to dinner and you're in the next room.

Breakfast consists of fryjacks and refried beans.

Dinner usually consists of rice, beans and some type of meat.

If you just cant imagine anyone not liking creole food.

If you consider plaintain to be a food group .

If you can dance punta, rockaz or salsa without music.

If you had to wear a uniform to school and if you didn't go to elementary school, you went to primary school.

If you call your sneakers "tennis".

If you go to Placencia or Ambergis Caye for the Easter celebrations.

If you go to Placencia or Ambergis Caye for lobster fest.

If your mom still dresses you up to fly on a plane.

If you have a family member that lives in L.A. or New York , even Chicago .

If you say things like "if i cant have it, its no good".

If you say that you will reach at 7:00 and you reach 8:00 o'clock

If you say/have heard: "Bad is never good until worse happens".

The sound of a cow's hoof boiled in a large pot with masses amounts of vegetables and slices of white bread makes your mouth water.

You love that butter that comes in the blue tin.

If you can tell a fellow Belizean to 'Dress down' and you don't mean that they should dress more casually.

When you order a brandi and milk the bartender looks at you like your crazy.

When you don't get buzzed or drunk, you get nice-up, or black-up.

Only in Belize is drinking such a favourite, asting pasttime, from birth (BAPTISM - DRINK!!!) til death (WAKE/AFTA BURIAL - DRINK!!!) So in reality we ain't drunkards, we just belizean is all... an proud, of it.

So true(especially the last one)...

Love thrown at you,

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