Saturday, August 30, 2008


Greece dangerous for British women
ATHENS, Greece (UPI) -- So many British women have been sexually assaulted in Greece the Foreign Office has launched a campaign to educate tourists about the danger.

So far this year, 41 women have been attacked, The Daily Mail reported. Police in Greece say the number of reported assaults on British women this year has run at about 10 per month during the peak tourist season, and they expect that by Sept. 15, the number will have surpassed the previous record of 48 set in 2005-2006.

Relative to the number of British tourists, Greece appears to be the most dangerous place in the world for women. Greek police say British men, usually drunk, are responsible for the largest number of attacks, followed by Eastern European immigrant workers and then by Greeks.

Greek police describe British women as more likely to drink heavily than other tourists and also more naive about strangers. They say many rapes may not be reported.

The Foreign Office has begun distributing beer mats, posters and leaflets in resorts where British tourists congregate, warning women of the potential dangers.

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