Thursday, August 14, 2008


Mini-cows at home in British backyards
LONDON (UPI) -- Hundreds of families across Britain have begun raising miniature cattle in their backyards in light of rising food prices, farmers say.

Sue Farrant, whose family has purchased four Dexter miniature cattle for their home in the county of Kent, says the animals offer a way for households to save money on food in the long run, The Sunday Times of London said.

"With high food prices, they are actually quite an attractive option if you like producing your own food," Farrant said. "Both my husband and I have full-time jobs so we're keeping them on the side as an interest."

Farrant says the small cows are renowned for the quality of their meat and the bovines are essentially care-free as long as they have grass on which to graze, the Times reported.

"As long as you've got plenty of grass, they will be fine," she told the newspaper. "You don't really have to feed them."

The cattle species was initially bred in Ireland during the 1800s and has been credited with being able to supply an entire household with milk for a year.

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