Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Guy's rights' lawyer hits women's studies
WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A lawyer who describes himself as a "guy's rights" advocate has filed a lawsuit over the women's studies program at Columbia University in New York.

Roy Den Hollander, an alumnus of the Columbia Business School who practices in Manhattan, has already sued New York nightclubs, claiming that "ladies nights" are unconstitutional. Another pending suit is aimed at the federal Violence Against Women Act.

Den Hollander said that the university is using federal aid to spread a "religionist belief system called feminism," The New York Times reports. He also called women's studies "a bastion of bigotry against men."

In his practice, Den Hollander spends much of his time representing men in litigation, The Times said, and describes himself as specializing in "anti-feminist cases or guys' rights cases."

In addition to Columbia, the suit names as defendants the U.S. Department of Education and three New York state agencies, the Board of Regents, the Department of Education and the Higher Education Services Corp.

In the lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in Manhattan, Den Hollander demands that the university either start a men's studies program or shut women's studies down.

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