Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today I am writing my 181st post for this blog. I do it for enjoyment and in the hope that readers will learn and have something they can reflect on at times.

I am told I have a strong voice for most of these blogs are filled with powerful words and suggestions. I am just being me and I hope that people will understand what it means to be themselves and what it means to LOVE THEMSELVES.

I find that these days very little of the negative things of this world can affect me. I find that I am happy the way I am and that material things do not complete a person. I am happy for who I am and I am proud to be whom I have become.

I hope that everyone can realize that life is a wonderful experience that we must cherish and because we are unaware of how long we will be on this earth, we MUST enjOy it to the fullest. We MUST do things that make us happy. We MUST be at peace with ourselves. IF on the path to that happiness others are affected and they don't share your belief then sadly you MUST leave them behind. If they are affected and they join you in enjoying themselves and others then BRAVO! You have done what you could. You have added another person to the world of LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS! Life is precious. Life is living daily with the realization that tomorrow may never come. Life is POWER!

Have a great day and may you enjoy it to the fullest.

I told you I was back! THERE IS POWER IN THE WOMAN!

Thank you for reading.
Brenda Aurora

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