Thursday, July 3, 2008



It is summer time and many of you will be travelling in search of sun and fun. The sun should be enjoyed, please remember to avoid overexposure because it can cause sunburn, leading to premature skin ageing and an increased risk of skin cancer. It is the ultraviolet rays which cause this; even in cold or cooler countries like England they cns damage your skin, and the ultraviolet rays are more powerful the nearer to the equator you go.

If you want to avoid trouble, TAKE CARE NOT TO BURN. Make sure children and babies are neer directly in the sun for a long time. Nearer on to mid-day - 2 hours around mid-day - avoid direct exposure of the sun. Wide brimmed hats and protective creams
suitable for your skin type can help protect unaviodably exposed prts of the body. Wear sunglasses which filter UV rays to protect your eyes.

Remember that a separate risk of overexposure to he sun is sunstroke or heatstroke, caused simply by overheating. Avoid strenuous activity duing the hottest hours, and make sure you drink plenty of non- alcoholic liquids to balance the loss of body fluid through perspiration. What you drink must be safe either soft drinks from sealed cans or bottles, or water which had been boiled or is bottled.

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