Monday, April 20, 2015


They say pictures can tell a thousand words! These photo tell a life of love for a sport and it shows a young girl who is good at what she loves to do! It also shows that we can control our destiny in a positive way!

Now for Miriam's own words:

Name: Miriam Nataly Villamil

Position held:
Midfielder at the Belize Women's National A Team.
Midfielder for undefeated National Champs Club Triple Bs
Traveled to Costa Rica,Guatemala, Honduras,Yucatan for matches.
Was offered a scholarship twice to play in university and to play a season in Yucatan..I did not take

I started playing football when I was about 12. My dad had just died and I found it very comforting when I was just running and kicking about barefoot. After school was my favorite time of the day because I got to play "pop" and "score" in my neighborhood.. The street was the playing area the car way of a house where no one lived was our goal.

By the age of 15, I already had a great love for the sport.
My very first team was Paraiso Strikers. After that we formed a team named Corozal Strikers. I played along side Karina Charley, Austria Gilharry, Karla Alvarez,  and Noemi MagaƱa just to name a few.

I won my first Championship in a tournament organized by the Corozal Football Association.
After the Tournament a few of us from the team were asked to join the team from Orange-Walk Suga Citi girls..  We won 2nd place in my first ever inter district tournament that year.

After that tournament things got very interesting. It was almost like the break through for me...I was asked to join the National Champions Club Team Triple Bs!

That year I won my first ever National Tournament scoring one of the most important and beautiful goals of the season.

Around that same time I was called upon to join the Belize Women's National Team. After two seasons in Belmopan, I decided to give it a shot and play for my Corozal District Team in the Inter District Tournament and we placed 3rd.

The following seasons I went back to my former Triple B Club and have been undefeated since then. I still remain in Women's A team and I hope to remain there for as long as I can.

I must give thanks to God for this amazing talent that has given me the most beautiful experiences with some of the most amazing people like The Gabourel Family and all my team mates. I met my best friends through this talent! I'm happy and feel really blessed that I have been part of a generation that has opened gates for female football in my country. I thank my mom and my sisters and the Rivero family for always supporting me and I thank the people of Corozal Town for always showing their love and support. Football is my love. I can't imagine my life differently.

Apart from playing football I enjoy reading books, swimming, Nature, hanging out the squad, traveling and my job. I love my job becauase I love working in sports with children.

I'm always up for a new challenge.

 I always go around with a phrase in mind.  No matter if it's a tough game or life situations, every time I feel unsure I focus on the words "Yo Puedo"and those will always be my empowering words!

Note: Miriam is a Life Long Member of the Yo Puedo Youth Group that was created in Corozal back in 2008 by myself (Brenda A Ysaguirre)
 and my deceased husband, Abel Desestress, who taught the group Philosophy and Self Esteem with a course called Creative Sciences!

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