Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Life in Belize

If you live in Belize and are of primary and high school age you are probably enjoying your Easter vacations! There is no better time than Easter in Belize! Except for maybe summer or Christmas! Factions are family time! Going places and enjoying the wonders of Belize in its carefree, happy lifestyle! The beaches and rivers, the Mayan monuments, the trips outside Belize and if you are lucky visiting the Cayes are all part of the Easter vacations for BeiIzeans! Or maybe you stayed at home but had some really fun time and delicious hot cross buns and Easter dinner! Whatever you did...Easter is always a wonderful time for Belizeans!

So, if you are not Belizean, it may. Time to st saving for that vacation... It is never too early, nor too late to start planning your Belizean vacation! BELIZE WELCOMES YOU!
Corozal's  Minister Pablo Marin officiating the Easter Egg Hunt in Corozal!

Corozal children were so ready to get the Easter Egg Hunt ready!!!

My friend Angie and some of her friend enjoyed their Easter relaxing at her home in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye! There is always a hammock wherever she is! Miss being there with her but there is always next year, An!!!!

Gustavito enjoying his pool!

Kathrine's delicious dinner... I had a similar dinner on Easter Sunday!

No better way to spend a vacation in Belize than with a nice cold beer!!!! Katherine did! And she had those beautiful nails done in Corozal, too!

My neighbour Dally loves her cigarette and is a really lovely person who is enjoying her life in Corozal, Belize!

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