Thursday, April 23, 2015

Corozal Methodist School Celebrate Sports Victory

Corozal Methodist School Celebrated their victory as National Primary School Male Softball Champions and Back to Back CHAMPIONS of U-10 Football Mayor CAMPOS Tournament 2015 with an Official Ceremony and a Street Parade on the main streets of Corozal Town. To top off the evening a lunch was prepared for all players at the School Conference Room courtesy of Mayor Campos & Town Council.Special Thanks to the Mayor, Principal Gwendolyn Monima, the Transport Department, Teachers ,Parents, Atheltes, Coaches, Mr.Landy Trapp - Corozal Chief Umpire, Methodist Mission, Chairman Jorge Perez and the Sports Council for having this Memorable Sports Evening in Recognition of their triumph in Sports. A special thank you to everyone who in one way or the other contributed to this success. 

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