Friday, June 5, 2009


252-lb hooker 'one woman demolition job'
BERLIN (UPI) -- Numerous neighbors of a 252-pound prostitute in Berlin are asking a judge to put her out of business because of the shaking of her apartment.

Tenants of the building where Ilnes Lorbach, 36, lives and legally entertains her prostitution clients told the Administrative Court in Berlin the sex worker's lovemaking causes their apartments to shake, the British tabloid The Sun reported Thursday.

One neighbor told the court a pair of valuable Baccarat crystal glasses fell from a shelf and broke as a result of the shaking.

Carolso Hoffmann, who lives next door to Lorbach, compared his living situation to "that film 'Earthquake.'"

"I don't know if the earth moved for her clients but it did for us," he said. "When you have a 100-plus kilo women grappling like a wildebeest with her clients then you know about it, you really do. She's a one-woman demolition job."

Lorbach told the court she is "a mother and as a working woman," attempts to be "as discreet as possible."

The judge in the case reserved judgment for "a later date."

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