Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Study: Women underrepresented in science
NEW YORK (UPI) -- A national survey commissioned by L'Oreal USA finds 65 percent of U.S. adults cannot name a single famous female scientist.

The telephone survey, conducted by the Opinion Research Corp, also found 74 percent of U.S. adults believe women are underrepresented in science-related fields.

L'Oreal USA said it commissioned the survey of 1,000 people in April as part of its commitment to raise awareness of women's contributions to science and the need to encourage more women to pursue science-related careers.

Approximately half (48 percent) of those polled said the United States lags behind other nations in terms of investing in scientific research, development and discovery while U.S. adults overwhelmingly believe science has a significant impact on innovation, economic growth and job creation.

The survey also showed 97 percent of U.S. citizens believe women are capable of making significant contributions to scientific research. Nearly nine of 10 (87 percent) survey respondents said more women are needed in science-related fields to ensure scientific and technological progress, while 59 percent said an underrepresentation of women in science-related fields could hinder U.S. advancements in science, as well as in economic growth.

No margin of error was provided for the survey.

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