Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What is happening to Belize? A look at Corozal Town Part I

Obviously, BELIZE today stands to benefit from all its wonders and peaceful lifestyle. Corozal in the north of Belize has been labelled as number 6 on places that retirees can go to retire at a comfortable cost to their budget!

This is good news for Belize! The influx of American or European dollars stand to make it better for all! The people who come to retire are older, more settled people! They spend their money wisely yet at a rate more like they did back home in the USA or England and they blend with the native Belizeans!

Corozal, in the North, has long been known for is peaceful, friendly people. Their smiling faces and happy greetings of "Good Maaning" ...Good Morning in the native dialect of Creole that is spoken throughout the length and breadth of the country is natural and just another way you can know you are at home among the Corozale├▒os!  The people are a mixture of Belizean Creole, Maya Indians, Mestizo and now Chinese, Indians, Americans and Europeans! Corozal is definitely a melting pot of many cultures that live in peace. This is true of all of Belize and is one of the reasons it has survived and is a destination for many visitors who flock its shores by cruiser ships or arrive by plane or road from abroad.

With Town Board elections once again behind us, the town of Corozal has moved on to continue with the business of beautification and upgrading! The latest proof that this town is moving forward is its "Round House" which is an open roofed structure that houses activities like zumba in the evenings and beach parties on the weekends for anyone who wants to rent it out! This new remodelled structure is a welcome sight on the Miami Beach in Corozal Town!

Hats off to the Mayor and the people of Corozal. Hand in hand they can and will make Corozal Number 1 in Belize!

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