Friday, March 27, 2015

The Jabiru

This is the largest bird in Belize!

The Jabiru Stork is a very rare bird and is endangered throughout its range. One of the largest birds in the New World, the Jabiru stands 5 feet tall and has a wingspan of 8 feet. Its heavy bill is about 12 inches long  perfectly designed to catch fish, frogs and snakes.
Recent studies have confirmed that Belize has the healthiest breeding population of jabirus for all of Central America. They arrive in Belize from Mexico in November and nest in the tall pines of the savannas and marshes of the Belizean lowlands. They remain in Belize until June or July, flying north with the first rains.
The largest number of jabiru counted in Belize is 24. Hunting and habitat destruction have decimated a once healthy population throughout the region. The Crooked tree Wildlife Sanctuary, just 33 miles north of Belize City has the largest population of Jabirus in Belize.

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