Sunday, May 4, 2008


This is one confusing world in which we live. Last week on this day there was joy and laughter in my heart. Today I sit in front of the comPuter and realize that the roller coaster ride is driving me crazy.

One day there is so much to be happy about and the next we are down in the dumps. This is just suicidal as far as I can see. Now I know why so many people do so many crazy things that end their lives. It is frustrating to say the least. I am not going to sit back and pretend I am different that everyone. I hope I never have to get to the point where I would want to hurt myself physically but the emotional strain I am putting my body and brain through is running me down.

So I became the new woman but what a price to pay. The things that use to make me happy now bore me to death. The things that make me happy now strain me to exhaustion. The things, oh Lord things... I could go on and on and I would end nowhere. This is life. This is the Belizean's woman struggle and also the struggle of many women in the world. We are no different. We feel, fall in love, are happy, get hurt, suffer and then some of us move on while others continue to suffer.
There is no escape sometimes and those who escape, have to be careful or they may end up right back where it all started. This is the reality of life. This is not a dream. It could start out as a dream when the happiness overflows your cup but when it turns to bitter tea then LIFE really begins.

So what should we do. As hard as it may seem, you need to listen to what your friends say. You may have to not listen to your heart sometimes. The heart is a dangerous organ. It can tell you one thing when deep down inside you know you should not listen to it.

Lord, oh, Lord, please give me the strength to follow what I know is right and to accept that sometimes happiness is too big a price to pay.

There are reasons for everything that happens in this world. Sometimes we do not see them immediately but when they finally come through we have got to be strong.
So, as we hurt and want to recover that which we lost, let us know that there is no easy way to move on but we must trust our instincts and our faith will do the rest.

Have a Blessed Sunday,

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