Tuesday, May 27, 2008



I know sometimes you readers are probably saying we need to relax and have fun. Well, today the devil got into the computer and I just can't tell it what to do. So we will go with the flow and say jealousy was INVENTED by...... what ARE YOU THINKING? Don't you have a little jealous bone in your body? Know anyone who has NEVER BEEN JEALOUS? I bet you don't!

So, who invented jealousy? Well...... hate to say it, guys, but you MEN DID! You do things that just get under our skin and make us jealous. Now, most men love to know that we are jealous and will do too many things to get us to that point. HOWEVER, there are a FEW MEN who don't like jealous women. TOUGH! EVERY WOMAN HAS A JEALOUS BONE. Some will hide it, some will throw it out every single moment of the day and night and some have yet to realize they have it. Bottom dollar, you just have to take us as we are or WHATEVER!

I am a very jealous person. I don't plan to hide it and I don't plan to change in a hurry. I am having too much fun now. Maybe I will write a poem on my poetry page belizeantothebone.blogspot.com one day about jealousy. I think it is the topic for more conversation too, so keep tune to THIS women's page:
brenda-dreamsandrealitiesofabelize.blogspot.com for an opinion essay on JEALOUSY coming soon! This is the beginning of too much fun!

Peace and have a little JEALOUSY today! It may just keep the doctor away and stress, too!

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