Wednesday, April 16, 2008


There are many things that I love about my country. The diversity is one thing that leaves me feeling a sense of pride and love for Belize. As the author of this blog and a poet, it can only help to give life to my work. To all those who view this blog, thank you. To all those who came to my Exposition in Corozal Town, thank you.
A special thank you to the Principal, teachers and students of the following schools:
Our Lady of Guadalupe RC School, Paraiso RC School, Ranchito RC School, Corozal Nazarene School, Cornerstone Pres. Primary School, St. Francis Xavier R.C. School, St. Paul's Anglican School, Church of Christ School, Assembly of God School, ITVET Corozal, and Corozal Junior College. Thank you also to my colleagues: Mr. Guadalupe Cima, Mr. Jose Mai, Mrs. Esther McField, Mrs. Glenda Rosado, Mrs. Norvi Pol, Ms. Eva Chi for sharing the day with me. Thank you also to my students: Roger Augustine, Urian Ramirez and Dione Triminius for helping me during the exposition and last but not least to all the people of Corozal who came to the exposition. You all made me proud to have done this project. Look forward to more wonderful things for Corozal.

Yours With Love,
Brenda A. Ysaguirre

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