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The 9th of March is known in as Baron Bliss Day and has been set aside to commemorate the memory of its biggest financial benefactor. Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, JP was born in the Buckingham County of England on the 16th of February, 1869. The day is celebrated as a public and bank holiday, and a harbor regatta is held in remembrance of a man who loved the sea and who left Belize over a million dollars for its use. Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss was an Englishman born in England.

Early Life

At sometime in his adult life, Baron Bliss acquired the title of the 4th Baron Bliss of the Kingdom of Portugal, succeeding to ancestor relatives who held a position before. At this time he changed his surname from Barretts to Bliss. The Peninsular War occurred in Portugal from 1809 to 1814. Britain had always shown friendship to the kingdom of Portugal, and at this time sent British troops to fight against the incursions of Napoleon. One recalls the famous poems, “The Burial of Sir John Moore” who died in the battle of Corunna in Portugal. Most likely an ancestor of Baron Bliss was awarded the title of the 1st Baron of the former Kingdom of Portugal; and Baron Bliss succeeded to this title as the 4th Baron.
It is known that Baron Bliss was”..a man obviously of active mind and great courage to the last moment; he liked deep sea fishing and he was fond of working on a lathe.”
Before leaving England, he lived at Quarry Court, Marlow, in the County of Buckingham, England. He was an engineer by profession, and was married to Ethel Alice Baroness Bliss to whom he had left a settlement covenant before traveling abroad, and about whom he stated in his will that “…my married life had been a very happy one.” Records reveal no attempt by the Baroness to attend his farewell. She passed away in England in 1945.
In 1911 and at the prime age of 42, Baron Bliss contracted polio and was for the remainder of his days, confined to a wheelchair.

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